Myrna Morales

Posted: April 16, 2017

Myrna Morales thought she would be permanently disabled due to osteoporosis. That was before she drove 5 hours from Los Angeles to hear Dr. Wallach speak in St. George, Utah. Intrigued by his message, Myrna started taking Youngevity products, and after just 3 months she was thrilled with the results. Today she reports she is “99% better!”

Before becoming a Youngevity Distributor, Myrna worked in the medical industry, so she is well aware of the perils of the current health care system. She still works evenings as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), but her passions are networking and introducing people to Dr. Wallach’s message and the quality of Youngevity products. She knows that once people try the products, they will be hooked, because the products work! That’s why she carries various sample products in her purse to give out to people she meets during the day. Oftentimes she has to refill her purse by early afternoon!

Those that know Myrna will tell you she a high achiever with loads of energy. At conventions and meetings you’ll find her searching out top leaders so she can pick up pointers and tips. Her Youngevity business is her first experience in network marketing, but she’s convinced it is the best profession in the entire world! She’s building a strong team in California but a major segment of her business is located in the Philippines. Myrna supports them through emails and social media, and also makes several trips a year to work with them in person.