Naseema Shidi

Posted: April 16, 2017

Naseema got started in Youngevity through Ted Anderson of GCN Radio Network, and and Alex Jones. Alex is one of the top hosts of that network who is an active supporter and promoter of Youngevity products. He has interviewed Dr. Wallach, Theo Ratliff, pharmacist Ben Fuchs, Dr. Corey Gold, and others and continues to generate huge listener interest in Youngevity.

She had limited exposure to MLM and no prior experience with radio marketing, but her background in project management and hard work made this mass communication/e-commerce venture highly successful. She also credits the support of Michael Zwerling, radio station owner of KSCO in Santa Cruz, California, and Phyllis and Andy Anderson who trained Naseema on many of the company processes and procedures, including answering phones from listeners. She quickly was up to speed, and in turn trained several distributors and customers, and sought out specific distributors for training to become phone reps for the Alex Jones Youngevity Info Wars Team.

Health and wellness has always been a strong area of interest for Naseema. She immediately resonated with Dr. Wallach’s message of proper nutrition. “I tell people if Doc Wallach is speaking anywhere near them, they need to re-arrange their schedule so that they can attend and listen to his lecture.” she says, “because they need to hear and experience first hand the amazing message he has to offer.” She also enjoys learning from other health experts associated with the company.

Naseema has two adult children who are both Youngevity product users and involved in the business, and two young grandchildren who also use some products. Her initial “why” for working like crazy was to make it a very successful business for her then husband and wife team. However, now in addition to that, some of her “why” items are to pay off her house mortgage, enhance her lifestyle (including travel options) and build a nice “nest egg” for her children and grandchildren. She’s a strong proponent of setting specific goals and then adjusting them or making new goals periodically as her goals are met.