September 1, 2017

Posted: September 1, 2017

2017 Youngevity Awards

We are always thrilled to present the annual Youngevity Awards at our Convention each year. The recipients of these awards represent the best in our field—those that have risen up, reached out to others, and set the tone for leadership. In today’s Fabulous Field Friday, let’s focus our attention and appreciation on our 2017 Youngevity Award recipients!

Presidential Award of Excellence – Scott & Juliette Fardulis

The Presidential Award of Excellence is selected by the CEO and President, and is awarded to the Associate who most notably reflects the core values of Youngevity including honor, integrity, leadership, loyalty and compassion.

Scott and Juliette Fardulis are certainly not strangers to Youngevity Awards. They continue to earn our respect, admiration, and recognition for being amazing leaders—leadership that extends to every aspect of their lives.

They are constantly moving and growing: ranking up to Emerald Ambassador last fall, founding Leadership Mastery (an annual event which hosts hundreds of leaders from different teams all over Youngevity), and have built a large team in over a dozen countries. But no matter their success—they never stop, and they never settle. There’s an intensity in their purpose that drives them to continually be doing more. It’s not persistence to meet some quota. It’s a specific intensity driven by the desire to help people.

They will always make time to coach, mentor and support others. But what makes them so special is that they take any struggle they have, and shape it into an opportunity to serve. It’s very rare to meet an entire family that is so dedicated to helping people. Long ago they decided to play to their strengths—which is to serve, and what Youngevity gains from that is a family and a large team—a legacy really, of helping others.

The Youngevity family is so proud of Scott, Juliette, and their entire family! Congratulations!


Trainer of the Year Award – Paul & Vaso Kroto

The Trainer of the Year award goes to the distributor who has shown extraordinary dedication—in terms of training and communication—to Youngevity field organizations regardless of downline affiliation.

The reason this award is so special, is because training and mentorship are often the keys that help people really get started on the right foot, get connected to the right resources, and gain the confidence needed to pursue success.

Paul and Vaso Kroto embody the spirit of this award in every way! So many people in Youngevity nation have benefited from Paul’s passion for training. Paul is a former U.S. Marine and a veteran of over two decades in network marketing—recently qualifying as a Youngevity 5 Star Executive. He is 100% committed to Youngevity and Dr. Wallach’s message of health. He literally travels the country assisting many different teams and recently founded Star School with Sheryl Morley to develop future Youngevity leadership. He is a consummate team player willing to help anyone on any occasion. And in case you thought that maybe Paul isn’t busy enough, he and Vaso also own 8 successful restaurants. Their partnership is driven by passion and purpose.

Congratulations Paul and Vaso! Thank you for all you do for so many!


Clutch Award – Louise Adrian

The Clutch Award is inspired by our good friend Drew Pearson, a former NFL player who is known for his game-winning catches in “clutch” situations. This Youngevity award goes to the Distributor who has shown extraordinary efforts as a team player, offering support selflessly. We love this award, because it’s always great to know the people you can count on, the ones you can reach out to when it’s really important.

Louise Adrian lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, but has built a business in over 12 countries since coming to Youngevity in the Mialisia acquisition. She’s been a top leader in the industry for over 20 years. She travels all over the world supporting and training her team, and provides a large portion of the training for social selling. Louise has built a downline in multiple verticals—each of which are thriving …. oils, jewelry, spices, health. But what makes her our Clutch Award recipient is that she’s a consummate team player and is always willing to coach and train people from other teams as well!

Thank you Adrian! Congratulations again!


Rookie of the Year Award – Dell Watkins

We all know the importance of starting off strong. Our Rookie of the Year award is presented to the distributor who exhibits extraordinary growth within their first year as a Youngevity distributor by following the Youngevity simple system.

Dell Watkins has rank advanced to 3 Star Executive in her first year. Described by her peers as professional, a self-starter, and down to earth, her business exploded in the Team Challenge as she captained her team to victory and herself to 3 Star. She has worked this business and built her team and her rank by doing things the right way, and we’re so proud to honor her with this award!

Thank you Dell, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for you—what an amazing start!


Rebound Award – Yokasta Aquino and Luis Alvarez

Everyone loves a comeback story. There’s nothing more inspirational than someone who has faced a challenge and come back even stronger. Our Rebound Award was created to celebrate associates who have shown determination and perseverance in the face of adversity. This award is named in honor of our friend, NBA All Star Theo Ratliff, to honor his determination to overcome the adversity he faced in his life.

Yokasta Aquino’s story is the definition of perseverance. After the company she was working for went out of business leaving her with thousands in unpaid commissions, she has completely rebuilt her team and come to the Youngevity family to accomplish incredible things. Throughout difficult times and challenges, her leadership has never wavered.

Luis Alvarez is our second Rebound Award recipient. A man of honor and integrity, Luis came from Guatemala to the U.S., and without knowing the language or having any family here, he worked his way up to owning his own successful construction company. A tragic accident severed his leg below the knee, and injured his other leg as well. He spent over 1.5 years recovering from this injury.

During that rehabilitation, he couldn’t work, and lost everything he had built. But his spirit was undaunted, so he reinvented himself—at age 47! He started growing a team in network marketing, and eventually came to Youngevity. He has built his business person to person. He’s never been in it for the quick fix, he believes in longevity and the long view, and he trains to that. He lives by his values and doesn’t compromise them. He’s an understanding, calm and respectful leader.

Congratulations Yokasta and Luis! You are inspirational to us all.


Rising Star Award – Alberto & Paola Arellano, Ricardo Arellano and Raul Luna

 The Youngevity Rising Star award is presented to Associates who exhibit great potential, who are working toward hitting their stride. These people show us just a glimmer of what you know is going to be a supremely successful future.

Alberto and Paola Arellano live in Tijuana Mexico. He was one of the original founders of RicoLife. He is a fantastic leader, dynamic speaker, and is rapidly building a very large team in both the US and Mexico. They hit 4 star in their 1st month with Youngevity, and he feels strongly that believing in Dr. Wallach’s philosophy is the key to building a successful business.

Ricardo Arellano was born and raised in Puebla Mexico until he was 9 years old, and now lives in Los Angeles. He is another of the original founders of RicoLife.  He has been in network marketing for 7 years now and has achieved one of the top ranks in a previous opportunity. Like his brother Alberto, Ricardo achieved 4 Star Executive in his first month with Youngevity. He believes that sticking with the basics is the key to success, but also knows that with the breadth of the Youngevity line, everyone can find something they are passionate about.

Raul Luna lives in Northern California. He’s owned multiple businesses including restaurants and a real estate company. He’s been in network marketing for over 15 years, having been at the top of the ranks for multiple companies and recognized as the fastest growing leader. He was a founder of RicoLife and now 4 Star Executive with Youngevity, having achieved that status in his first month. His focus is on creating leaders—strong, passionate leaders.

What makes all of them so amazing is their vision for their future. They are seizing the opportunity before them, and we see them all as Rising Stars in our organization! Congratulations!


Trailblazer Award – Cynthia Flores, Juan Carlos Flores & Lilia Carrillo and Dave Nabrotzky

We’re so fortunate in our company. Every day we see people embracing our mission and the messages—and taking them out to the world. As we encourage you to “pick your passion”—that often means that people find innovative ways to share that passion. The Trailblazer Award is presented to Youngevity Associates who embody the definition of trailblazer: someone who forges their own path, doing things a little differently than others, to great success.

Cynthia Flores could be described as the original Trailblazer. She started her team in the U.S., but it was her dream to take it to Mexico, and if need be—single handedly open Mexico. She’s been consistently determined to do this. And while it’s exciting to be the first one, it’s also a ton of work and a ton of hours, and the support and infrastructure might not be in place. For Mexico, Youngevity had no office, no staff, and yet she was determined to share the message with anyone who would listen. She made the Youngevity mission her mission. And, on top of it, she brought in Juan Carlos and Lilia!

Juan Carlos Flores & Lilia Carrillo really made it possible for Youngevity to fast track and go to Mexico to bring our message across the border. They embody the traits of every Trailblazer: extra perseverance, extra determination, and a vision of what lies ahead. There’s a fearlessness about them. Like all true trailblazers they are not afraid of being in the wilderness by themselves. Juan Carlos and Lilia rely on each other for that support, and they never let doubt or fear creep in. They are blazing that trail for a growing team of people!

Dave Nabrotzky came to Youngevity with the Mialisia acquisition. He orchestrated the BellaVita acquisition, and like a true trailblazer, has been traveling to Asia on his own dime to build the business. It has paid off, as he has a business in over 12 countries now since coming in with a jewelry focused downline in just 2 countries! But beyond all that, Dave has the most generous servant attitude and will do anything for anybody. Truly a gem!

Congratulations to all of you! We look forward to seeing where your trailblazing leads you.


Circle of Excellence Award – Laurette Willis, Jimmy Duran and Helen Watt

The Circle of Excellence goes to a group of distributors who have distinguished themselves with their efforts to train, motivate, encourage and support others—regardless of their downline affiliation. Encouraging and motivating others is what sets our Youngevity Nation apart.

Laurette Willis is from Oklahoma. She’s a Circle of Honor achiever this year, and she’s worked really hard to build a strong team in Youngevity—with a foundation in leadership and training. Laurette’s expansive team was well represented in Top Achievers Club, Team Challenge, and many Youngevity events.

Jimmy Duran has always displayed commitment, loyalty and determination. He’s a past recipient of the Rebound award for overcoming adversity after a serious accident. Jimmy is the consummate professional, approaching everything he does from the perspective of how he can make sure his team succeeds with him. He simply makes it his mission to help others.

Helen Watt is also a Circle of Honor achiever. She’s a leader who truly grasps the Youngevity model and leads by example. With a background in memory keeping and successful home meetings, Helen is always there to train, support, and lead her team, whether it’s an event, contest, or new Youngevity product offering.

Congratulations to all of you! You demonstrate to everyone, every day, what it means to be a great leader.


Congratulations to all of our 2017 Youngevity Award recipients. It was our honor to shine a spotlight on the amazing work you are all doing!