July 21, 2017

Posted: July 21, 2017

Sharon and Nick Bradley

One of the best things about the recent Team and World Challenges have been hearing the stories from our field—often stepping outside their comfort zone and sometimes surprising even themselves on their accomplishments. Today’s Fab Field Friday is exactly that type of story, and comes to us from our Youngevity family in New Zealand.

Brand Associates, Sharon and Nick Bradley, have been part of Youngevity for less than a year, and were drawn in by the nutrition. Sharon has a science background, so Dr. Wallach’s message and experiences resonated with her. She said she used to crave sugar, but after only one week of taking Beyond Tangy Tangerine her sugar cravings were gone, and she didn’t feel as hungry. The by-product, of course, was losing weight, but she also noticed that her hair, skin and nails all had an improved appearance.

Sharon and Nick have three children who, like most students nowadays, needed devices for school. They were specifically in need of an iPad for their middle son. The World Challenge could not have presented itself at a better time for them. Their team leaders, Bruce and Jacquie Reader, came to them and basically just said: “you can do this!” Knowing they really needed that iPad, they decided to go for it and see what happened.

They thought about who they had in their pipeline—and simply started connecting with people they’d already planted seeds with. Focusing on families, things just started taking off. “Friends see the changes in us, they try it, and tell others. I just didn’t realize how quickly it can grow,” Sharon said. They credit Bruce Reader for helping them in this challenge. She said that they would get busy, and he would always get them back on track and motivate them. Orders started pouring in, as their friends and customers kept suggesting more people they could reach out to. Sharon recalls one particularly busy day when Bruce even entered the orders for her—a true team effort!

As you can probably guess, Sharon and Nick met their goal. They came in first place in their division, and won that coveted iPad! They are so pleased with this achievement, but shared that it’s also incredibly rewarding to know that they are helping people with their health.

The kids were a big part of this. Excited by the goal of winning an iPad, they would keep suggesting more people for their parents to reach out to. When they found out they won—they were thrilled! Now the only question was who would get the new device.

Sharon doesn’t overlook the impact this experience has made on her children. They wanted to show their kids that “while they are helping others, we could also be working toward a goal that will help all of us.” She’s certain that they’ll definitely remember this, and having the Youngevity logo on the back of the iPad is a great reminder that hard work pays off.

Sharon’s final bit of advice: “If you have the desire for something, it’s achievable. Don’t doubt yourself.”

We’re so happy that the Bradley family gets to enjoy that new iPad that they earned as a family. What a great lesson for all of them, and now, all of us. Thanks for sharing your story!