July 7, 2017

Posted: July 7, 2017

Maria Mavroudis

Today’s Fabulous Field Friday spotlight comes from our Youngevity family in Australia. Maria Mavroudis is fairly new to our business, but like so many others, has found health benefits that have improved her life. In February 2017, Maria decided it was time to lose weight. She shared that she was feeling a lack of energy, a constant tiredness. And like many people, there was the self-consciousness that comes with carrying extra weight. “I would take the kids to the pool and sit on the side and watch, because I was ashamed of my size and being in the pool” she shared.

Her weight held her back from even going anywhere with her husband, in fear of what his friends would think and say. It simply became too much, so she scheduled an appointment to see a surgeon for a lapband surgery. But Maria missed this appointment—and believes she was supposed to miss it!

Her weight loss journey started April 30th, and she weighed 125.4kg (275 lbs). She began the weight management kit with Youngevity, and while it took a bit to get started, she now believes it is the best thing she has ever done. At first she was overwhelmed, not sure exactly where to start. She even delayed her start until after her birthday so she could have a birthday drink—but then never had one anyway. Maria said: “The first week was the hardest; I found I was tired & hungry –  I was used to having soft drink every day and craved sweets. These cravings stopped on day 3 and my water intake increased.”

She hit a potential speed bump in week two, when her husband was deployed overseas, leaving her home to care for their two young children on her own, and tackle the weight loss at the same time. The next seven weeks was a challenge both mentally and emotionally.

But she saw early success that kept her going. The Sweet Eze was instrumental in keeping down the sugar cravings and afternoon sugar fix. She noticed that when she uses REV at all meal times, she loses more weight. But one of the biggest benefits was simply having more energy. Maria shared that every day her 6 year old son would ask if they could walk to his school. Although it was only a 15 minute walk, it was just too hard. Now they are walking to and from school at least three days a week. “I’m finding I have lots more energy, and enjoy walking and taking the kids for bike rides.  Who would have thought?”

The healthy habits are growing with everyone in the family. Her son tells her that he wants to be healthy, and her little daughter is learning about good food choices. And thankfully her husband is now home and is a great support system. He also started on the 90 For Life and is 100% supportive of everything she’s doing.

Maria noted that she suffered from severe migraines regularly, but now only has a headache occasionally. Her sleep has also improved, and the difference, she says, is remarkable. Maria started a support group on Facebook, to document her journey and create a cheer squad and keep her accountable. She said that her uplines, George and Louise Adrian, have been great supporters, and it sometimes surprises her that people want to ask her questions, and seek her advice. But she knows it’s because the program is working for her. She feels more confident, and is happy to share what has worked for her with other people.

So far, Maria shared that she doesn’t feel like she sees a difference, but she feels it. But other people see the difference and their comments and support are wonderful. Her advice to people is very simple: just start. Don’t wait for a specific time or reason. Just begin. She is proud to say that as of July 6th (just a little over two months since she started!) she has lost over 14kg (31 lbs). And while she says she still has a bit to go, she “thanks Youngevity every single day for allowing me to become the best version of me.”

We’re all behind you Maria, on your weight loss and Youngevity journey. Thanks for sharing your story!