June 23, 2017

Posted: June 23, 2017

Paul Kroto

Paul Kroto is a man on a mission. Actually, a 5-year mission. He believes strongly in the five-year plan. In addition to having a Youngevity business, he and his wife, Vaso, own a chain of Greek restaurants. In that industry, typical stats indicate that it takes five years to break even. Further, nearly 95% of restaurants go out of business in less than five years! The five-year milestone is an important one.

So Paul believes in the five-year benchmark. He also believes in MLM, and knew if he put his head down and worked at it—then he could achieve the success and freedom that people are looking for. He believes that through MLM he can be in an amazing place, so a short while ago he set his goal: 5 Star Executive in five years.

You can probably guess that Paul met his goal. In fact, he ranked up twice in the last 18 months…first to 4 Star Executive and just recently to his 5 Star Executive goal! It hasn’t always been easy. Paul took a meandering path to where he is now with Youngevity. He faced several setbacks and restarts, and finally had to decide if he was going to fold, or push forward and rank up.

Deciding to push forward, he first working toward his goal on his own, and then partnered with Diamond Ambassador Sheryl Morley. Together, over the last year and a half, Paul and Sheryl have tirelessly done 2 trainings a month, every month, in different cities all over the U.S. They also hold a Zoom call every Thursday night. He credits Sheryl’s high energy and enthusiasm for getting their program started.

This pattern of consistency is all part of their plan. Paul feels that success comes in doing a few simple things consistently over time. Not overnight—but over time. Success comes down to daily habits. “Everyone, no matter what kind of work you do or life you lead, has to juggle things every single day. Set your priorities for personal growth first, and just work at them.”

When we asked Paul what priorities contributed to his success breakthrough, he mentioned three key things:

  1. Mental mastery – he had to decide if he was going to crumble or rise, and mental mastery means keeping his mind set on positivity.
  2. Emotional mastery – Paul shared that he used to be a “go with the flow” guy. Meaning if things were good, he was happy. But if things went poorly, his emotions followed that path. Now when he focuses on emotional mastery, he’s excited and enthusiastic all the time.
  3. System mastery – “Let’s get real” Paul said. “It can be hard to focus. Most of us follow the newest shiny object, then wonder why we get off-track and don’t see progress. We wanted to make sure we stayed focused, and had a system in place everyone could use.”

The system that Paul and Sheryl have focused on is simple but effective. “One of the most powerful things you can do is get everyone on the same page, working from the same sheet of paper” Paul shared. “I think Dr. Arriaza is a master of this. So we created our own culture, our own system, and gave it to our team.”

Paul and Sheryl created Star School, and people who are following it are finding success! They lead with the 90 For Life message and a health evaluation, then follow up to see who is feeling healthy and happy, and turn those people into business stars. “We know that 90 For Life works—you’ll feel better, which means you’ll have belief. Belief is everything” said Paul. He also found a great inner circle of nine people who have been instrumental in helping him achieve his goals. He wanted to give them a shout out: Melissa Miller-Harris, Tracy Wagstaff, Carol Kroto, Tom Cuff, Theresa Zielen, Jay Driskill, Deborah Horowitz, Georgia Kossivas, and Monin Merker.

Belief, setting goals, mental and emotional mastery, and consistency to a system have proven to be the perfect combination for Paul. His next goal? He’s targeting a specific monthly income, and he plans to reach Ambassador status. We’re looking forward to watching him make that happen! Thanks for sharing your steps to success with us Paul!