June 16, 2017

Posted: June 16, 2017

Lori Danette


There are full plates, and then there are really full plates. 1 Star Executive Lori Davenport’s busy life falls into the second category. But what’s so inspiring about her is that she maintains such an amazing attitude and has a simple, time-tested way to keep forging ahead.

Lori joined Youngevity with the Beyond Organic acquisition. In addition to her Youngevity business, she’s a certified Health Coach (who used to be a physical trainer), a single mom, and full time entrepreneur. She works for On Demand Delivery, is a holistic practitioner and aroma-therapist who recently started her own company called The Healing Cupcake, where she’s making healthy soaps. Added to this full plate: she’s an only child who has also been nearly a full time caregiver for her Mom, who’s battling stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer, and her Father who, at age 86, fractured his ankle and is recuperating in an assisted living center.

And add one more thing: Lori’s mother was recently set up with hospice care. In order to be closer to her and alleviate some of the stress on her and her young son (who is having a hard time with his grandmother’s illness), they moved from their home in the Fullerton CA area, and are currently in an extended stay hotel until they find an apartment.

That’s a very full plate.

Amazingly, Lori is managing it all. Although she says it’s been an emotional roller coaster, she also shared that what’s helping her get through it all is “going on God”.

The other way Lori maintains everything is through employing a simple but effective tool: staying focused. In order to help with her focus, she joined Tom Chenault’s 65 and a Wake Up YGY group. She said this call really helps keep her head in the right place. She focuses on goals each day, and the accountability in the group helps her.

Juggling so much, she keeps her foundational goals simple: interview at least two people every day. More if possible, but at least two. But Lori doesn’t really stop there. Here’s how her day plays out: Through her work with On Demand Delivery, she is constantly on the go, stopping by businesses. She makes sure she wears her David Allen Capital shirt, always reaching out to small business to share that opportunity.

Next, Lori hands out the Rx Cards to the customer receiving the delivery, and goes through her quick and friendly script. She follows up the delivery with a thank you, and shares the Cartripple app with the customer. She shared that some days you feel like you don’t see the fruit of your labor, but then someone will contact her out of the blue and say: “how do I get started?”

Those are the moments when she knows her consistency is paying off. She admitted that sometimes you might think it’s impossible, but she recommends just setting small goals that you can meet or exceed each day. That feeling of accomplishment in achieving those set goals is fantastic, no matter how crazy or busy the rest of the day might be. Her parting words of advice: “When life happens, just take 15-20 minutes to hit certain goals, then go back to the urgent issue.”

We believe that someone with a plate as full as Lori’s and an attitude so positive will inspire many in Youngevity nation. Keep up the amazing work Lori, we’re all pulling for you!!