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Your Year in a Snap

You’ve got photos and memories that are begging to be shared and we have the answer for you! The Year in a Snap program is all about options and keeping things simple and quick, so you can enjoy your pictures in photo books and albums and spend time making new memories.

Quick &

For most of us, we have photos on our phones, computers, in the cloud, and often already printed in boxes. But what we really want is to have them where they can be enjoyed. With our busy schedules, adding your photos to a book or album needs to be quick and easy.


What’s the next step? Set a date to get together with friends and customers, use the Year in a Snap Brochure to guide your customers through the process of ordering, and start preserving your memories.

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Get Rewarded for Making the Most of your Photos!

Have you ordered products at a gathering? Or completed pages? Make sure you get credit for these and submit your numbers so you can be part of the drawings held on November 15, 2017.


  • Total Points: 0


Name# of Pages Completed# of Friends Invited$ Spent at EventsTotal Points
Sarah Lee50
Doreen Trammell2845109
Barlet Wilbert0
Yvette Wevodau955401
Michelle Bryant0
Anita Schembri112.40137.41
Sarah Lee466.49766.492
Sarah Lee70
Mandy Gilbart38538307
Sarah Lee300
Darlene Spengler320
Debby Lazarone1274.103474.128
Susie Turpin68818431
Sarah Lee851
Katelyn Billey512.716672.710
Vicky McClure32010806
Katelyn Billey512.718552.710
Patti Cherney121.41401.40999999999997
Sarah Kavadas234.39459.391
Niamh Skelton143.40363.4
Tannis Buzza116116
Katelyn Billey512.718552.710
Susie Turpin44494
Katelyn Billey512.718552.710
Susie Turpin205.00555
Susie Turpin205.00555
Darlene Spengler200
1 111
Helen Watt130860
Noreen Utri2853
Katelyn Billey46036200
Rorie Boss200
Marcie Mitchell2150
Stephen Blackburn1811461
Helen Watt137028
Cheryl Gregory480
Darlene Spengler600
Susan Keightley50
Susan Keightley3770150.00
Marquise Toner190
Sarah Lee188.85538.858
Rorie Boss157.28457.28
Rorie Boss5050
Stephen Blakcburn1951795
Darlene Spengler320

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Printable Year in a Snap Brochure

While the digital brochure is perfect for viewing online, there are times you’ll want a copy in your hands. Download and print the PDF version to share or make notes in or just have on hand.

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Start a conversation with your customers and your team using our invite scripts for email, Facebook, and texts. Customize them to fit your personal style, then get ready to chat!

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