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Welcome to your training launchpad! This is where you'll will find the tools and training resources you need to find success on your path to betterment. For those new to the company, as well as seasoned professionals who want to brush up, this is your home base for learning and taking full advantage of the opportunity before you.

MAY 2016

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1. Virtual Training Kickoff: May 2016

CEO Steve Wallach and VP Alex Theis talk about what is new with Youngevity and what to expect in this round of virtual training.

2. Ben Fuchs – New Products

Hear from Pharmacist and Nutritionist Ben Fuchs about our amazing new products – including Ocutiv and Keto bars and shakes.

3. Adrienne Gold – Projoba/Pollen Burst

Learn from Adrienne Gold what makes the Projoba product line so unique and popular.

4.  Sanjeev Javia – Healthy Body Challenge

Looking to slim down for summer? Learn from coach Jeevers about our Healthy Body Challenge.

5. Jordan Rubin – Beyond Organics

Find out from Jordan Rubin the inspiring story behind our Beyond Organics products.

6. Stan Dennison – Sta-Natural

Stan Dennison explains the benefits of the incredible and diverse lineup of Sta-Natural products.

7. Brande Brown – For Tails Only

Pets are family too! Brande Brown unveils the best pet products to get the “Pawty” started.

8. Joyce and Wade Cordell – Restart Your Life

ade and Joyce Cordell explain the life-changing supplements from estart Your Life.

9. Annelise Brown – The Versatility of Mialisia

Annelise Brown is taking the time to personally style us with her unique Versa-Style jewlery called Mialisia.

10. Lisa Nelson – Memory Keeping

Looking to slim down for summer? Learn from coach Jeevers about our Healthy Body Challenge.

11. Iggy and Victoria Baran – Z-Radical Overview

Want to know more about Z-Radical and its many uses? Iggy and Victoria Baran are here to fill in the gaps.

12. Frankie Pulley – BioMetics

Learn from Frankie Pulley about the wide range of powerful BioMetics products.

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