July 1st Monthly Kick Off Call

Recognition, New Products, Announcements, and More!

Win Back Promotion

Everyone 5,050 distributors & preferred customers back

Christmas in July!

Look out for incredible promotions on some of our most popular products during the month of July! Follow Youngevity on Facebook at www.facebook.com/youngevity.

Convention Early Bird Registration Extended – Learn about our new rewards program, listen to the incredible motivations speak Michelle Puller, and dance the night away at our superhero themed Glow Party! Go to youngevity.convention.com to register today!

Be the Change 5k – Early bird registration is still on! Don’t miss out on this incredible event when you visit San Diego at our 2019 convention. Go to bethechange5k.com to get your early bird registration today.

Better Health Challenge – Cycle 2 has just wrapped up and we’re getting ready for Cycle 3! It’s never too late or earl to get started. You could be the Grand Chamption winner in 2020! Learn more and sign up at ygybetterhealth.com.

Hemp FX Pet Chews – look out for our newest Hemp FX products coming soon! These chews contain phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil to support your pet’s health. To check out all our current Hemp FX products visit hempfx.com.

Rebound FX Cans – look out for these newly rebranded canisters to be back in stock soon!

300 Club Winners Announced – This incredible promotion has extended until the month of July!  Promotions.youngevity.com for full details!

This month’s winners are:

Echo Dot: Cindy Mahar, Irma Velasquez, Dona Garland

Fit Bit: Jennifer Richardson,

Lululemon Gift Card: Jeannette Anderson

$300 Airline Gift Card: Hallie Redd

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