April Monthly Kickoff Call

Dave Briskie kicks off the call by congratulating team challenge participants with winners being announced in the coming days. Plus he makes an incredible Youngevity stock announcement and gives you a sneak peek at a big coffee promotion coming up!

Nature’s Pearl Promo:

  • Buy one get one free promotion on Nature’s Pearl Premium Muscadine Grapeseed!  Get your bottle now!

Youngevity University

  • Make sure all your new distributors are visiting youngevityuniversity.com . Plus, it’s a great recruiting tool you need to share with others!


  • There’s still time to join us for Convention 2018 in San Diego, Ca on August 23-25!  In addition to great networking and training opportunities, you’ll also have the chance to Give Back with our Be The Change 5k walk/run! More details on that to come, so plan to get your Convention ticket now so you don’t miss out. You can learn more at  youngevityconvention.com. 


  • Circle of Honor 2018 continues! Are you on track?  Circle of Honor runs January through June 2018. It’s crunch time with 3 months left. Learn more about COH here: youngevityrc.com
  • Get recognized at events plus you can also recognize others on social  media with some Social Squares available at the Resource Center!

ProCardio FX & ProJoint FX Launch:

On March 20th, we launched two incredible new ProLine products that will take your health to the next level: ProJoint FX and ProCardio FX.

  • ProJoint FX support the overall joint structure. Your ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Visit ygy4u.com/projointfx
  • ProCardio FX contains 11 of the best synergizing nutrients including Fish Oil, Resveratrol, Selenium, and Turmeric. Visit ygy4u.com/procardiofx


The first round of our Better Health Now is wrapping up soon! If you haven’t entered, or, if you haven’t updated your results, please do that by April 15th so you can be considered as our one of our semi-finalists for the Grand Prize drawing of $5,000 later this year! Check out the Better Health Now website for details, and to share results!

In our first round of the Better Health Now campaign:

  • We’ve enrolled nearly 3,000 NEW people(2,817) on the HBP or weight loss kit! That’s 3,000 people that have started their journey to better health!
  • We’ve given away 63 Better Health Now t shirts and 10 hatsin recognition of weight loss, encouragement and support for our Rev 90, Keto 90 and Wellness 90 program participants!
  • Those t-shirt and hat recipients have lost over 1200 pounds just since January 15th!
  • 25 people have claimed their $9 product credit as part of the 9.0 club! If you’ve lost at least 9.0 lbs in the first round of our campaign, please enter your information on the website and claim your product credit!

Visit ygybetterhealth.com for all of the program and promotion details!


  • Lots of events coming up! If you want the executive team to come to your event, get in charge with your upline (3 Star and Above). 90 day run of events from your leaders!

Team Challenge

  • Winners will be announced in the next few days! Standing page will come down and winners will be up by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest!
  • Go to ygyteamchallenge.com

GET ONE, GIVE ONE (GO GO!) Coffee promo

  • Through September 2018, our bagged coffee pricing will see a slight increase ( and so will our BV and QV) – but when your customers buy one bag, they’ll get one bag FREE* to give away to a friend or family member. The GRAND PRIZE for this promotion will be a RAINFOREST EXPEDITION TRIP  TO MATAGALPA, FEB. 6 – 11, 2019
  • Full details of this promotion will be announced on Dave Briskie’s Facebook Live on Thursday, April 5th at 9am!

You can watch the entire Zoom Video of this month’s kick off call HERE!