300 Club: A Path to Success for Youngevity Distributors

Posted: August 6, 2020 | By: Steve Wallach

300 Club Rewards Consistent Business Builders

By Youngevity Co-founder and CEO Steve Wallach

I’d like to start by congratulating everyone who qualified for the 300 Club three times, six times, nine times, and an amazing 12 times over the last year! This is a great accomplishment to be proud of.

If you’re not familiar with the Club, it’s just our way of rewarding those who consistently build their business. By enrolling three people and a total of 300 QV in any volume month, you can earn exclusive 300 Club pins, along with recognition online, on social media, and at Youngevity events.

But these efforts go beyond just recognition. You’re also building a new network of people to work with and creating new product stories to share with colleagues and prospects. And most important of all, you’re leading by example and inspiring others to reach greater heights.

With all of this said, I’m happy to announce that we’re relaunching the 300 Club in August! This means we’ll have new pins to reward, more recognition, and an even bigger focus on consistency. We’ve seen great results with the Club so far and I have no doubt this trend will continue.

If you’re a new Distributor or interested in becoming one, earning your place in the 300 Club will get you started on the right path. To find out how it works, visit the 300 Club page for more information.

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