5 Stretches You Should Be Doing for Your Back

Posted: July 8, 2022 | By: Rocio Ramos

As we age, our bodies need extra care to help keep us mobile. Even the slightest movement can tweak or pull a muscle if you’re not too careful. And despite our best efforts, one area of the body that almost always needs some relief is our low back. Low back pain can affect many adults from active individuals to those who sit in an office all day. Fortunately, there are many stretches you can do to help keep your low back happy and pain free.

Child’s Pose

This gentle pose is a favorite amongst yogis. It helps relax your muscles and puts your body in a recovery position.

To get into child’s pose, begin with your hands and knees on the ground and push your hips back towards the ground and rest them on your heels. Hinge at your hips as you fold forward, walking your hands out in front of you. Your belly should be resting on your thighs and arms should be extended in front of you. Focus on taking deep breathes and relaxing any areas of tension or tightness. Hold this pose for up to 1 minute or longer.

Knees to Chest

Give your spine some relief and improve flexibility in your low back with this stretch.

Start by lying on our back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on the back of your thighs or below your knees and pull your legs toward your chest. Pull until you feel a gentle stretch. Hold for 20-30 seconds then gently release your legs and repeat 2 to 3 times.

Cat Cow

This relaxing pose helps you breathe into your spine and help create some mobility in your spine, shoulders and chest.

Come to the floor on your hands and knees so you’re in a comfortable tabletop position. Take a deep breathe, then slowly curl your back up toward the ceiling like a cat releasing your breath. As you being to take in another slow breath, begin to pull your stomach down to the floor, hollowing out your back like a cow. Keep repeating the motions, releasing your breath during the cat pose, and taking deep breathes in the cow pose.

Figure 4

Many of our low back pain can be caused by tight hips. This figure 4 stretch helps release tightness in your hips and relieve low back pain.

Start by lying on your back with both knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your right ankle at the base of your left thigh. Then, place your hands behind your left thigh and gently pull towards your chest until you feel a stretch. Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute then perform on opposite leg.

Sphinx Pose

For those looking to give their low back a good active stretch, the sphinx pose puts your body in a gentle backband that can help strengthen your low back.

Start by lying on your stomach with your elbows underneath your shoulders and your hands extended in front, palms facing down. Set your feet slightly apart to give you more mobility. Then begin to gently lift your head and chest trying to engage your low back and glutes and you lift. Take deep breaths and gently press your pelvis into the floor. Hold this pose for 30 seconds or however long feels comfortable.

Try adding these stretches to your routine and help support a healthy back. And for days when your low back needs extra care, try Youngevity’s Ultimate CM Cream to help sooth achy muscles.

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