Create Beautiful Walls with the Gallery Wall Kit!

Posted: January 31, 2017 | By: Youngevity

What do the walls in your home look like?

Are they adorned with family photos? Or maybe you have pictures from vacations? Or maybe you’ve been planning to do something but haven’t quite gotten to it? No matter what you currently have on your walls, the Gallery Wall Kit from Anthology DIY is a great way to change things up and this kit has several options that you can display together or separately.

the anthology diy gallery wall kit comes with four basic components:

  • A marquee arrow
  • A white wall frame
  • A magnetic chalkboard frame
  • And a gold polka dot clipboard.

Plus, you’ll receive a package of pre-printed quotes to use with any of the kit pieces.

If you use the Gallery Wall Kit as is, you have lots of possibilities. Add a quote to the clipboard. Write notes to your family on the chalkboard and add photos too. Display a favorite photo in the wall frame. Trim a quote and place in the frame. Are you getting the idea? Well let’s take it to the next level!

Look how easy it is to change things up for a holiday!

Now is the perfect time to do this, since the XOXO Paper Collection is on sale with the Valentine’s Shaker Card Kit. Add holiday paper to the marquee arrow. Create a cute polaroid mat for a photo and back with valentine paper in the frame. Hang a layout on the magnetic chalkboard. Display favorite photos matted with valentine paper on the clipboard. And of course, embellish with cards, banners, and other Valentine’s Day projects. Here’s two more photos that show a closer look at these kit pieces.

Does this make you want to create beautiful things for your wall as much as it does me? The Gallery Wall Kit will be available on Monday, February 6 so make sure you get your kit as quantities are limited. And grab the Be Mine Gift Set while you’re at it so you can decorate your home with love.

– StacyC


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