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Posted: January 26, 2017 | By: Youngevity

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that is really subjective. There are some years when our Valentine’s day is full of happy festivities, parties, good food, good company, and lots of love! Then, there are some years when Valentine’s Day doesn’t quite happen exactly as planned or desired.  As each Valentine’s Day comes and goes, I have tried to make the day more of a meaningful and enjoyable one, regardless of my life’s circumstances or chaotic schedule. Why don’t we take it into our own hands, and make the holiday a happy one…a better being the one to SHARE the LOVE! Last week’s Studio U class was specifically geared towards that very purpose, focusing on a variety of ways to share love with those around you and for the Valentine’s Day festivities in your life! Feel free to watch the archived class for the full video of tips and products!

During the class, Brooke walked us through how to create and convert this adorable 11 x 14 Print, Love You (143525) into a Greeting Card. Watching someone create in Studio is always a great way to learn new ways to design on your own. The Love You template is also now available in the template gallery as a 5 x 7 Greeting card as well for your use and ease! (143530)


Ever wonder which Heritage Makers product is best for your valentines? Brooke reminds of the differences and advantages of products great for valentines and gifts:

  • Business Cards: same design on all cards, front or front/back designs available, sets of 50
  • Playing Cards: same design on back of cards – front of cards able to be different from each other, variable quantity
  • Large Address Labels: stick directly on gifts/treats/bags, rounded corners, sets of 12

Here are a few templates that were highlighted during the hour:

You're a Gem 143320

You’re a Gem by Brooke Mehr (143320) – Business Cards

Construction Crew Valentines 139681


Construction Crew Valentines by Brooke Mehr (139681) – Playing Cards

Hello 2017 142136

Hello 2017 by Brooke Mehr (142136) 12 x 18 Now and Later Calendar

Closing out this Studio U, we were reminded how to customize and change calendar grids using the Calendar Essentials collection in the Art Collection. Have you not created your calendar yet for this year? No problem! Using these calendar pieces in your yearly calendars makes it easy to customize your calendar to start whenever you need it to. Start your calendar out with February, or even May! Creating your calendar to fit your needs, I’m a believer! We like things that can help cater to our needs!

Take a peek at some brand new templates, added to the gallery just in time for more Valentine’s projects! Stacy also featured some of these great templates and ideas on this week’s FB Live! Such cute ideas for gift giving!


Cupid Says; chocolate 143558

Cupid says; Chocolate by Rebecca Christensen (143558) – Business Cards

POPPING Valetnines 143561

POPPING Valentine by Rebecca Christensen (143561) – Large Address Lavels

PURSEonal valentine 143579PURSEonal Valentine by Rebecca Christensen (143579) – 12 x 12 Scrap Page

Talk Nerdy to Me 143364

Talk Nerdy to Me by Brooke Mehr (143364)Large Address Labels

We were also reminded of the amazing and wonderful tool the Heritage Makers Support Center is. Ever have a question about the website, or how do something in Studio? It is a great reference to refer to articles from our staff that explain things from Club HM, Photo Storage, and how-to’s, to more detailed information and recommendations for every product type. Don’t forget to reference and use the Support Center! Also remember, as each product has its own set of guidelines and recommendations while designing in Studio, it is good to review and note the Design Guide recommendations inside Studio for each product as you get started.

Maybe this Valentine’s Day won’t be one for the history books for each of us…but why not take some time to look around at the people in our lives, and share and show a little love! Usually, when we take the time to brighten someone else’s day…it tends to make our day a little brighter too! So let’s get creating and get to sharing the love and make this Valentine’s Day season a good one!!

– Lisa E


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