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Posted: May 23, 2018 | By: Lisa E

It is with much enthusiasm that I share Heritage Makers Love Mugs this month! Mugs are a great gift for so many occasions. I especially LOVE mugs as a gift for Father’s Day. Here are a few of my mugs that I have and a collection I gave to my father-in-law (that even though he is a big coffee drinker he actually won’t drink from these mugs because he thinks they are so special with all his grandkids on them).

Oh, and Love Mugs are on sale until mid-June and you can enjoy 15% off savings off our already low prices! I ask you, what better gift can you buy for dad/grandpa for under $15?


Here are a few mugs I have that might inspire you and then go check out the Heritage Makers template gallery that will really blow your mind with incredible ideas! Gifts for any occasion from weddings, to office, to teachers, to team members, to coaches, the list goes on and on! 251 templates to choose from and you can alter anything on the template if you want to change a color or font or anything!

I did this mug recently for myself for Valentine’s Day. I just loved it so much so it was a gift to me and it makes me happy! It says  “We met, we married, we live.” For this one you do have to upload map images of each location. TEMPLATE: 145840








This next mug I made for my hockey-loving son complete with team colors, team name, and his number, TEMPLATE: 135407.








This one is a gift for Mother’s Day after my aunt passed away. That is me on my mom’s knee.










You can even make mugs for company events and recognition as seen here (me and my darling mom again). Check out TEMPLATE: 114345 for a Youngevity one!

Finally, here is a mug I made my sweet little kindergartner some 5 years ago. I made it so in the mornings when I fed her breakfast she could read positive affirmations to help her remember she is the wonderful little girl I know she is: Strong and smart and kind, etc.








Here is a positive affirmation mug for Dad I found in the template gallery: TEMPLATE: 121854 You can modify it and make it for a child like the one I made above.

So seriously, go look at the template gallery and enjoy the savings this month too!

—Candy May, Ambassador for Heritage Makers

I love Heritage Makers: the most digital art in the world!

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