Cute & Custom Teacher Gifts

Posted: August 15, 2017 | By: Lisa E

Time to step in gear, back to school is here!

As summer comes to a close, we’re all switching gears from one time of year to another. The smell of fresh, new pencils and crayons to the smiles and tears of first day jitters and successes…so many more memories to be had. With new teachers and classrooms, it’s fun to start out the school year on a giving note, and create one-of-a-kind teacher gifts! We’ve got creative this week and made these adorable mugs using our digital Youngevity Photo brands: Heritage Makers and Snap2Finish.


In Heritage Makers we made this adorable and simple apple-themed mug, and customized words for this teacher. Want to add a background color? You can! Want to change the text? You can! Want to add more apples or additional artwork? You can! With Heritage Makers, everything is 100% customizable, so have fun creating the mug that fit the teacher to a ‘t’! Find this template in the HM Template Gallery, with Template ID# 144934. The Love Mugs available through Heritage Makers are 11 oz (Wholesale: $25.38), and available in both Black and White interior. Check out all of the school-themed projects you can customize!


With Snap2Finish we created a beautiful, photo mug with customized text featuring this sweet teacher and student photo. How fun for teachers to be able to cherish sweet memories with a mug for their morning coffee and tea, at home or in the classroom. The Snap2Finish Classic Mugs come in 11 oz (Wholesale: $16.20) and 15 oz (Wholesale: $17.10) sizes, with the option for both white and black colors. Pictured in this mug is the 15 oz black mug, with the Full Size Photo style. You can also choose a Centered Photo Style or a 2 Photo Style.


Give back and say ‘Thank you!’ to the teachers in your life with these quick and easy, digital project ideas.  As your kids play on the playgrounds, play around with photos, fonts, and art in each digital Youngevity Photo program to create your cute, custom teacher gifts!



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