Cherish your Vacation Memories in a Flash

Posted: August 10, 2017 | By: Lisa E

Summer is quickly coming to a close…if your summer is like mine, it tends to fly by with its fun-packed outings, reunions, and vacations. After returning home, I want to share all of my memories with family and friends. Yet, the documenting and story telling often stops at my social media posts, or is postponed until I finish my family yearbooks. Youngevity Photo has so many possibilities for us and our memories that bring those memories to life again and again with simple, quick and easy projects!

Today I’m sharing two projects I made, one with Anthology DIY and the other with Snap2Finish. These two Youngevity Photo brands are all about quick and easy! And let’s admit it, who doesn’t love quick and easy?!


Anthology DIY introduced Keller’s Creations for Anthology DIY this summer. I’ve fallen in love with these adorable DIY projects! Available in both the Tropical Blooms and Whispering Lilac designs, each kit comes with both the instructions and items for a wall hanging kit and an accordian tag.

With the handy instruction sheet right by my side, including a photo diagram of a base layout, putting together the Tropical Blooms Wall Hanging Kit was enjoyable and stress free! I took the liberty to add my own variety to the base layout to match my photos and preferences. Once put together, mine is about 17 inches from the top card to the bottom and is 10 inches wide. It’s a fantastic size to display, whether it’s in a hallway, bedroom, or living space. How fun it is to not only look back on our California vacation memories from the summer, but also to feel accomplished, already documenting our trip after only being home for a few weeks!



Snap2Finish provides another way to easily create fun, one-of-a-kind products with your favorite photos and memories. Puzzles are an exciting way to bring your photos to life over and over. There are two styles available: the standard and the Children’s Puzzles. Both are produced on Fuijcolor Crystal Archive paper which provides high-quality images with vibrant colors. The Standard Puzzle has 5 sizes to choose from, ranging from an 8 x 10 size which contains 110 pieces, to a 20 x 30 size with 1,104 pieces. The Children’s Puzzle has two sizes available, the 11 x 14 size with 30 pieces and the 16 x 20 with 56 pieces, each with larger and easier pieces to assemble.

I created a Full Size Photo version of the 8 x 10, 110 piece puzzle with a photo from our vacation to Disneyland this year. My original image was slightly dark, so wasn’t sure what to expect when it printed, but was pleasantly surprised how well the photo turned out on the puzzle! The Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper is truly amazing. Our family has already put the puzzle together several times, and we find it quite fun and amusing to put together puzzles of our own faces and re-live the adventures from our family day in Disneyland.



Don’t wait ’til you complete your family yearbooks and adventure storybooks to document and share your vacation memories!

With Youngevity Photo’s quick and easy projects, you can cherish your photos and adventures in so many ways! Each of these projects and products make for wonderful additions to your own home, unique gifts for your loved ones, and creative family history and journaling! Take a few minutes and start creating to cherish your memories again and again!

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