Custom School (and Work) Worthy Notepads

Posted: August 8, 2017 | By: Stacy Croninger

Do you love the smell of a new notepad? Or freshly sharpened pencils? Do you love when stores put out their school supplies so you can add to your stash? Life is good! But you may be missing out on one of the funnest ways to add to your supply stash – custom notepads. Today is all about channeling your creativity, which honestly, you don’t need a lot for these projects.

Using Youngevity Photo products, there are many ways to be creative. Today we’re going to look at two options – hands-on and digital.

In the hands-on arena, Our Memories for Life products offer coordinated designer cardstock, journal cards, and border strips. You could make a notepad from the papers, but we think covering a notepad to create a custom cover is a better option. This first example has a school theme using the It’s a Kid’s World by Lauren Hinds collection. The cover is a little bit longer than the notepad to wrap it over the top and adhere to the back. For an extra punch to your design, use Foam Mounting Squares to raise a portion (like the black banner with the apple). This cover is so quick – it took about 15 minutes to create and that included gathering the supplies.

Since these are custom, why not make a cover that matches the person’s interest that will use the notepad? For example, do you have a soccer fan in the house? Use the It’s a Kid’s World by Lauren Hinds to create this sporty cover. Same concept as the school themed notepad, but sports border strips were used to dress up this cover.

Now, on to digital. Heritage Makers offers easy to make projects, using pre-designed templates, with the flexibility to change any item in the project. Found a design you love for a girl but you have a boy? No problem! Change the background and accents to more manly colors and designs and voila, you have a custom project. But you can also use a template as is or with minimal changes. For example, this 5.5×8.5 Notepad set (template 141093) includes four different designs with a spot on each for the person’s name. All you have to do is double-click on the name, type in the person’s name that will use these, and you’re done. No need to change anything else, although you can if you want. Each set comes with four notepads, that can have the same design or a different one on each notepad.

Maybe you have a younger scholar in the house or that would love a set of notepads to kick off the new school year. This 3×9 Notepad set (template 124746) has adorable school designs as well as places to include the child’s photo for an extra level of customization.


That’s just two of the many notepad options available in Heritage Makers. We have notepads for shopping, note taking, planning your day, games in the car, and more.

Which will it be for you? A hands-on notepad cover or a digital, personalized notepad. Guess what? The samples shown for Our Memories for Life were covers on notepads made with Heritage Makers, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Whichever option you choose, have fun creating a custom notepad for your back to school crowd or to use at home or the office.



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