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Posted: August 3, 2017 | By: Lisa E

Who’s excited for a new book size?! This summer, Heritage Makers has been pleased to announce the arrival of the 5.5 x 5.5 Soft-bound Storybook! This book style and size is fabulous to showcase your social media photos, give as gifts, and share your memories.

The convenient size and soft-bound cover make these books irresistible for sharing! With its compact size, and 50 set pages, it’s perfect for archiving your social media photos. With a $9 Wholesale price, these are the most affordable and versatile books yet!

With small pages comes the advantage of being able to feature your social media photos in a fun, convenient way, as these photos typically are lower resolution than uploading images from your device.

We’ve printed a sample album so you can see how images from Instagram and Facebook printed. Each of these images were uploaded from my phone to Instagram and Facebook.

When saving images from Facebook, there are two options: right click the photo and choose the option to ‘Save image as’ or under ‘Options’, click ‘Download’. Choosing ‘Download’ will save a larger file size. In this sample book, I have made spreads using both save methods. The left side: ‘Save Image as’, right side: ‘Download’.




These images both turned out great! In Studio, each of my photos at this size had an orange border around the edges. To have green borders around them, which indicates the best image quality, would have been to decrease the size of the image to about a quarter of the page (slightly smaller). *Note that each photo has its own dimensions and pixels, and thus results may vary. We recommend checking the photo information in Studio in the My Projects area, as seen below.



We’re providing both simple and decorative design templates for you to easily make your own. Check out the 5.5 x 5.5 Soft-bound Storybook templates now available and customize yours today!

Playful Snapshots – Template # 144799
Snapshot Family Album – Template # 144800
Family Faces – Neutral – Template # 144801
Snapshot Family Album – Mix – Template # 144802
Classic Snapshots – Template # 144803
Simply Snapshots – Template # 144804
Floral Family Snapshots – Template # 144805
Bright Summer Snapshots – Template # 144811


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