Enjoying your vacation…again

Posted: October 26, 2018 | By: Lisa E

Recently, I got to see and hear all about a fantastic vacation my friend, Dr. Joanne Conaway, took with her family to Alaska. The scenery is spectacular!!

She was lucky enough to have her mother-in-law join them and that lead to our conversation about creating a meaningful Christmas gift for the MIL who has everything?

Dr. Conaway learned a couple of tips along the way that we wanted to share with you.

1. If you are gathering photos from others, make sure they are sending the original file and not a thumbnail (low resolution) copy.
2. Upload your favorite photos to Snap2Finish.
3. Organize & group your photos by the day or event. In most situations, the photo order will make sense – chronological or as things happened.
4. Select a book template. Add your text.

5. You’re ready to order!

She also said, “Our family cruise and trip through Alaska provided many special memories captured in pictures. Putting them together in a beautiful book makes the perfect gift. Snap2Finish makes it easy! It is so much fun incorporating your captions and special embellishments. I’ll be creating books from now on!

What special trip did your family take that you’d like to enjoy again in a photo book? It’s the perfect size gift and definitely won’t get returned. Get started on your Snap2Finish book today!

Have fun celebrating the Snap!


Helen Watt, COH 5 Star Executive
Snap2Finish Brand Ambassador

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