Holiday Entertaining – A Clean House

Posted: October 23, 2018 | By: Stacy Croninger

The holidays are fast approaching and for many, that means entertaining, whether it is formal parties or family stopping by for a visit. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing ways you can prepare for the holidays using Youngevity products. Think cleaning, food, and healthy environment. Today we are focusing on your house and getting it cleaned for your guests.

Do you deep clean in the spring, before the holidays, or both? Often the fall is a great time to do deep cleaning before guests arrive. Youngevity has products that can help with everyday cleaning as well as deep cleaning. Here are a few to get you started.

Nature Direct Super Strength Concentrate

Deep cleaning at its finest comes in this grease, grime, and grubby surface cleaner. It’s free of dangerous chemicals, but knows how to get the dirty jobs done. Make sure you order the spray bottle to mix this concentrate in and then get started cleaning those spots you’ve ignored for months.

Nature Direct Spray and Wipe

Everyday cleaning is a breeze with the Spray and Wipe concentrate. The essential oils provide a long-lasting, fresh fragrance while cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Keep it in the coordinating spray bottle so you can mix a batch to grab quickly when cleaning.

Nature Direct Glass Cleaner and Polisher

Nothing says clean like streak-free windows, mirrors, and shiny surfaces. This cleaner loves to make things shine and does it with no harsh chemicals. Mix it in the specially designed spray bottle, grab a cloth, and start shining your home from top to bottom.

Nature Direct Erasers

Got tough scuffs and stains? Get Erasers! Combined with other Nature Direct cleaners, the Eraser is great for hard to remove stains, scuffs, grime, and more. Let the Eraser do the hard work instead of your fingers.

Freshen Your Space

Now that your house is clean and fresh, think about diffusing your favorite Essential Oil or using the Nature Direct EnviroAir Concentrate with the Pure Air Revitaliser for a fresh scent and cleaner air that will welcome your guests.

Okay, cleaning is done so next up is meal prep. Watch for the next installment of Entertaining in a few weeks where we’ll share recipes using Saveur Foods spices and vinegars for parties, special meals, and more.

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