Favorite Holiday Celebrations

Posted: November 15, 2019 | By: Lisa E

What we celebrate and how we celebrate says a lot about who we are. Holidays are a chance to renew your faith. They’re a chance to express your patriotism. They’re a chance to ditch work. Is it any wonder we love them?

So which holiday is your favorite? Surveys have demonstrated that Christmas is the favorite of most people. And, Our Memories for Life has a new product to help you preserve your favorite Christmas memories with style. Our new laser collection, Tis the Season, is filled with both whimsical and sacred designs to help you accent your album pages. Stay tuned for when these are available to order!

An album that captures pictures and stories from your Christmas celebration can help you reconnect with a little bit of that excitement all year long. It can also help you pass down family traditions and explain what makes your special day special.

Enjoy every aspect of your favorite holiday celebrations!

-Rhonda Anderson, Brand Champion for Our Memories for Life

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