Five Creative Ways to Make Family Connections with Heritage Makers!

Posted: November 20, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Family is everything! Alex Haley said, “The family is the link to our past, bridge to our future.”

Here are 5 fun gift ideas for you from Heritage Makers to help your family bridge the miles between family members or even bridge the distance between the generations.


1. Family Faces Board Books for Little Ones

This one is a board book. Just think how great it would be to give this as a gift to that special little one in your family! They could look at it over and over and never tire of seeing the special people they love and who love them.

Family Faces – Girl or Boy
6 x 6 Board Book
Personalize this simple and fun template and fill it with the faces of your family!

As low as $36.30


2. Family Tree Canvas for a Child’s Room

What better way to help a child grow up knowing who they are and where they came from than to see this cute 12 x 12 canvas in their room? Child development experts suggest having a family photo in a child’s room to help them feel secure and help boost self esteem. This one is fun and easy to create with your own family members.

Tip: You can take a photo of a photo with your phone, no need to scan in old family photos for this project!

Fresh Family Tree
12 x 12 Wrapped Canvas
A lovely, modern family tree showing four generations.

As low as $55.80


3. Deck of Cards with Family Photos

I was VERY popular with my family when I made this gift and gave it to everyone after my Grandma passed away. She loved Rook and I put precious photos of her and the family on the cards. You can use this template and make it your own, change out backgrounds (like I did), and wow your family!

If Rook is not your family’s game, there are various card games available. Search our template gallery under the “Playing Card Deck” category.

Family Rook
Playing Card Deck | 3 extra pages

As low as $21.33


4. Family Tree Poster

There are several poster templates in our gallery. You can use them to quickly add your pictures and names. Everything can be changed or edited to accommodate your family and home decor style.

These are so inexpensive, and beautifully personalized, you can get one for everyone in the family!

Family Tree
18 x 24 Poster
This is a family tree poster which contains 5 generations. Depending on the number of children of the couple, you can add or delete some of the picture frames.

As low as $13.96



5. Tucked in Book

Are you a parent who sometimes travels or perhaps has nights you are away from your child for whatever reason? Do you wish you could be there to tuck them in even when you are away? Here is something you might like. It is a book I designed for my little girl when I was away from home. It’s called “Gabi’s Tucked in Book.” There are templates for either a girl or boy in a 8 x 8 book format. You will love the simple poem that is easy and fun to read each and every night. Whether you are away or not, it will be treasured and enjoyed!

Tucked In – Girl
8 x 8 Storybook | 8 extra pages

As low as $33.80

-Candi May, Brand Champion for Heritage Makers

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