Gifts in a Snap!

Posted: October 5, 2018 | By: Lisa E

Shhh….. don’t tell!

Can you keep a secret? I hope so because I don’t want my friend (who is likely your friend, too) to find out about his birthday present from his sweet wife, Annelise.

Recently Annelise and I were talking about Snap2Finish and how she could take the fun memories that her husband, Sean, posts on his Facebook account and pull them together into a digital book. This short tutorial will show you how.

Then, I got this message from Annelise. “This is so much easier than I thought it would be!! I am so excited to take all of our favorite posts from Facebook and create a book that can keep these memories fresh because, lets be honest, how often do you scroll back through your page and look at old posts??? I barely have time to keep up with my current news feed. This is a game changer, it makes me want to do these for everyone now! What a great gift idea.

Here are some other ideas with pictures your friends & family are sharing on social media.

• Graduations
• Birthdays
• Vacations
• Weddings
• Dog’s life

This idea is so easy to do … even for a beginner. Their social media account already has all the information you need. The pictures and the story. It’s as simple as COPY and PASTE! No tech skills required, because Snap2Finish is really, a SNAP to FINISH!

Have fun celebrating the Snap!

Helen Watt, COH 5 Star Executive
Snap2Finish Brand Ambassador

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