Halloween Cuteness Overload!

Posted: October 21, 2019 | By: Lisa E

I love Halloween, how about you? Don’t you love all the fun décor and how the kids dress up? Don’t you love the memories we make this time of year? The costumes, the one-of-a-kind stories about trick-or-treating, or a haunted house experience. Halloween is simply magical.

Do you have any family ghost stories? I do!

One year my dad scared all the grandkids wearing a sheet and pretending to be a ghost! I took quite a few photos that night and I decided to create something special with the photos to remember this funny family story. I went into my Heritage Makers Studio and made an 8 x 8 book. I love sharing and displaying this story year after year. My kids, shown in this book, are now in college and it makes me so happy that I took the time to preserve this memory for us all.

I love this quote that I read somewhere: “Photos are a return ticket to a memory otherwise gone.”

One of the art collections that I used was the Boo to You Brush Set. You can create a book like this and so much more.

To see all the art options, pull up the Art Collection, type “Halloween”, and you will be surprised how many collections come up. It is a creative paradise! Cuteness overload! That is one of the best things about Heritage Makers.

Check out these collections – just a few of what are available:

The Template Gallery will also be a great source of inspiration. Check out this cute mug! Or the trick-or-treat banner you can create with scrapbook pages. (Note: These are just four scrapbook pages and you can change any of the paper colors to match your home.)

You will see projects like these scrapbook pages you can use to cover a chocolate bar with to really add to the fun and mystery of Halloween. Aren’t you so glad you have Heritage Makers?

Don’t let this holiday pass you by without creating a little magic in your Heritage Makers Studio. If you don’t get to it before the holiday, just think of the fun you can create with all the photos you take of your kids this year. Happy Halloween!

-Candi May, Brand Champion for Heritage Makers

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