Posted: October 20, 2019 | By: Rocio Ramos

When you notice that you may have put on a few extra pounds, usually your first instinct is to start a diet or ramp up your exercise routine. This is because you believe that your weight gain must be a result of bad eating habits and not moving enough. Though this could certainly be part of the reason, a major underlying reason for weight gain, or why you may be having a hard time losing weight, is an unhealthy gut microbiome.

What is your gut microbiome?

Gut microbiome, microbiota, gut flora and gut bacteria are all the same. It’s what we call the trillions of microorganisms living in our intestines; good and bad. The human gut contains approximately 100 trillion microorganisms with over 400 known diverse bacteria species. This microbiome diversity helps to ensure that your gut health remains in balance and in good shape. Our gut microbiome, helps protect against illness, supports a healthy metabolism and makes up much of our immune system.

Absorption of Nutrients

As foods pass through your digestive system, they come into contact with the bacteria in your gut. Some of these bacteria are responsible for helping you digest and absorb certain nutrients. The greater the diversity of gut bacteria, the more capable your body is of absorbing nutrients. In a study that looked at the gut bacteria of obese twins and non-obese twins, they found that obese individuals had less gut biodiversity than non-obese individuals. This suggests that the more gut bacteria biodiversity, the more capable your body is at utilizing and metabolizing nutrients.

Gut bacteria can affect appetite hormones

Likewise, studies have found that certain bacteria in our gut may affect how hungry or full we feel. There are specific bacteria in our gut that are in charge of breaking down fiber. When this happens, they produce chemicals that increase levels of appetite hormones. Studies have shown that different bacteria in the gut can affect how much of these hormones are produced and play a significant role in your appetite.

Healthy gut is essential to weight loss/maintenance

There are more bacteria cells in our body than human cells. The healthier our microbiome, the better our overall health. Plus, maintaining this diverse ecosystem is essential to losing or maintaining a healthy weight. Adding a probiotic and prebiotic formula, such as Ultimate Microbiome, may help support your gut health. This particular formula is unlike any other, with an exclusive probiotic blend, proprietary i26 Hyperimmune Egg Powder, and a powerful multi-enzyme complex, to support a diverse ecosystem.

Make sure you’re taking care of your gut microbiome to support your weight loss goals and overall health!


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