Healthy Joints for a Happy Pet

Posted: April 11, 2022 | By: Stacy Croninger

Just like people, as your pet ages, their joints can deteriorate. But there’s no need for them to be in pain when you can provide a supplement to help them, as well as other ways to help their environment, that will give them a happy life. Here are some suggestions.

Environmental Changes

Depending on your pet, there are things you can do to help with stiffening joints as they age. The following ideas are from and are written for dogs, but apply to other pets (cats, horses, rodents, etc.).

  • Provide a non-smooth surface to walk on. Slippery surfaces can be difficult to walk on, and we’re not talking wet ones, so adding carpet or straw/hay or other surfaces can help them have secure footing.
  • Ramps over stairs or jumping. For some animals, like cats, jumping is natural but can be hard on joints. If you see that your pet is struggling with stairs, try installing a ramp. Or if they like to be on furniture or higher places, provide a ramp they can go up to access those favorite places.
  • Regular exercise. Just like humans, animals benefit from regular exercise. As muscles stay still they can stiffen, so moving them regularly helps them stay loose. Exercise can be gentle – no need to go overboard. A simple walk or swim may be the perfect thing to keep them moving.
  • Comfortable bedding. Being on a cold or hard surface when they sleep can cause stiffness. Make sure they have plenty of padding from a pillow bed, straw/hay, wood chips, or blanket. They’ll love curling up in a comfortable place to sleep.
  • Massage the stiffness. Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage? Well your pet will think they are in heaven, plus it will help warm up their muscles and get them moving. Massages can be as simple as running your hands down their back and legs or focusing on hips or shoulders.
  • Body weight. Keeping your pet at a healthy body weight also helps avoid wear and tear on their joints. Meals and treats are a good thing, but don’t overdo.


Diet plays a big role in human and animal health and joints are no exception. While you should always check with your vet first, many supplements you take can benefit your pet. Youngevity has three products that are made just for your pets: Arthrydex, Dog Companion Chewable – Beef, and PerPETual.

Arthyrdex is a complete nutritional supplement that supports healthy bones and joints with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and more. It is designed for any small or large animal and includes dosing based on animals size/weight.

Dog Companion Chewable is designed to support healthy joints, hips, skin problems, and more. It contains i26, glucosamine, and other vitamins and minerals specifically designed for dogs.

PerPETual is an anti-aging canine supplement. It has a proprietary detox blend of botanicals that help protect your dog from free-radicals that affect inflammation and other stressors.

Between these amazing supplements and the ideas for keeping your pet active and comfortable, you and your pet can enjoy time together doing what you love.


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