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Posted: April 9, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Drinking coffee is a ritual and many times so is the mug that we use. If you don’t have a mug with one of your favorite photos, I’m challenging you to stop and create one right now. It will only take a few minutes and you can even create it on your smart phone! LOGIN at Snap2Finish to get started.


The only thing better than enjoying a delicious cup of Youngevity #BeTheChange coffee is enjoying it in a photo mug. It’s how you can see your family, pets, vacation over and over again while it instantly brightens your day. They are also ON SALE!!

But today, we’re going to think a little outside the box and look for ideas to create an INSPIRATIONAL mug in your Snap2Finish account. During this time of year there may be many reasons you are looking for a personalized gift, but don’t have a photo.

• Weddings
• New babies
• Mother’s Day
• Father’s Day
• Graduation
• Birthdays

After a quick google search, I found these ideas as a great springboard for my Snap2Finish mug.

I started with a BLANK mug and searched the artwork. Here’s what I created.










Another thing I LOVE about Snap2Finish is that I can upload my OWN artwork (or use royalty free artwork I find online). I bet you know someone that you think of when you see these ideas!

Last thing…MUGS are not only for coffee. They are also great for tea, soup and even ice cream! A multi-use mug is perfect for little ones that need a handle to hold or college students who don’t have space for lots of dishes. They also can be used to hold a little chocolate or fresh flowers to really brighten someone’s day.

Connect with our Snap2Finish Facebook community for more ideas. Go to Photos > Albums > Mugs. We’d love to see what you’ve created too! Have fun celebrating the Snap!

-Helen Watt, Snap2Finish Brand Ambassador

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