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Posted: April 12, 2019 | By: Stacy Croninger

Mother’s Day is the time set aside to honor the women in our lives that are mothers in so many ways. Youngevity wants to help you find the perfect gift to show your love and so we’ve compiled a variety of gifts for you to choose from. You can see all the options on in the Mother’s Day Gifting section, or read on for an overview.

Essential Oils

Whether the women you are shopping for are already essential oil gurus or wanting to get started, these bundles are sure to delight. With a Starter Kit for Mom, Energy Diffuse Blend Kit, Create a Perfect Day Essential Oil Pak, Enlighten Your Life’s Atmosphere Diffuser Kit, and Children’s Blended On-the-Go Oil Kit, you have options at all price points as well as uses.

See all the bundles and pick one or more as gifts for mom.


Jewelry and bags are the language of love for most women and these special collections will speak to her heart. In the jewelry arena we have Silver Sparkle, Golden Sparkle, Heartfelt Locket, Charms & Chains, and Charming Locket. For fashionable bags, we have a few combos that include bags, makeup and jewelry. Check out Save & Secure Beauty Essentials, Fashion-Forward Bundle – Fame, Fashion-Forward Bundle – Warrior, and Fashion-Forward Bundle – Dreamer. Looking just for a bag, look at Stylish Storage and Organizes & Accessorized.

Grab one or more bundles now before they are gone. You’ll be glad you did!

Food & Beverage

In the Food & Beverage arena we have combinations you can buy to make mom a memorable meal or gift her with for future dining experiences. Choose from For the Foodie, Let’s Barbeque Set, Southern Pairing, French Pairing, Thai Pairing, and Italian Pairing. So many possibilities with these, plus, there are recipes to help get her started. Download the recipes (set 1 and set 2), print, and include with your selection.

To round out the offering, coffee, because, what mom doesn’t need a caffeine kick some days. And this isn’t just any old coffee, it’s Be the Change Coffee Chocolate Creme! Ground from beans grown on Youngevity’s plantation this coffee has a creamy chocolate flavor that is guilt-free.

Shop the Food & Beverage options.

Home & Family

Raise your hand if you have a pet-loving mom. In Home & Family, mom will appreciate these gifts because her pets will be happy and healthy. Options include Healthy Dog Mom Pack, Freshen Up For Mom Cat Pack, Freshen Up for Mom Dog Pack, and Mom’s Pampered Pooch. And to keep her home smelling fresh and the air clean, the Nature Direct Revitalizer Bundle is perfect! It cleans and sanitizes the air in any room and is small enough to relocate as needed.

Make mom’s home a happy one with the Home & Family bundles.

Spa & Beauty

What mom wouldn’t love a day at the spa? With these beautiful gifts, she can create a spa experience at home. Choose from Unconditional Love, The Super Woman Collection, and Just For You. She’ll love how she looks when using these products.

Choose one or more Spa & Beauty options for your mom.


Most moms have tons of photos on their phone, in the cloud, or buried in a box under the bed. The Photo gifts will help her enjoy those photos every day. The Mother’s Day Layouts bundle has everything you need to create four 2-page layouts that you can add your favorite photos to or let her decide.

For the digitally inclined, use Snap2Finish or Heritage Makers to create a canvas, mug, pillow or photo notebook or journal. Plus, you’ll save 15% on these items (no code needed, the discount is applied when you check out).

See the layout kit or start your project with Snap2Finish or Heritage Makers now.

Shop and Share

Want to share these specials with your team and customers, download the PDF showing all the specials. You can also find a NZ/AU version and a blog post for MX

Do you think you’ll be able to find something for the women in your life when shopping with Youngevity? With so many options, you may want to pick a few extra things to use for her birthday or to have on hand just because. Happy shopping!

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