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Posted: August 29, 2017 | By: Lisa E

Which of these two cards would you most like to receive on your birthday?
PRETEND with me.  It’s your birthday and you receive these two cards.  Card A is of a family event from a Summer Fair.
Card B is a stock card with an image of  someone you do not know or even care to know.
(I received both these cards for my recent birthday.)



My grandchildren in action this summer, one eating a chocolate – covered grasshopper after taking a dare from her seven year old cousin who watched in both horror and admiration!
A stock card
If you chose Card B,  you probably had  a good laugh and ended up throwing the card away as soon as you could as it reminded you of another ghastly birthday.
If you chose Card  A, the following was probably true:
a.  You had a good laugh as you recalled the event.
a.  It made you feel emotionally happy…..good memories always do!
b.  Even though you wished to forget another birthday, you placed the card in a favorite location that would allow you to feel that warmth of happiness over and over again.
The Rest of the Story:
It is interesting to note that both cards required about equal time to select or create.  For those of us who claim that we  don’t have the time to create a personalized card, here are the facts:   Think about how long it takes to pick out a card after you drive  to a store, then locate a stamp and then mail the card.  Even though the errand might have been completed with other tasks, most people agreed that it probably took at least ten minutes of their time.
If you created your own personalized birthday card, this was the process:  You logged into Heritage Makers, selected creating a card, identified a photo from your online photo file, clicked direct ship and in less than ten minutes the card was completed.
The moral of the story is a memory photo card makes a birthday worth remembering!
– Sharon Murdoch
Ambassador for Heritage Makers

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