Meatball Cob

Posted: September 16, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Meatball Cob

This recipe features Pomegranate Fig Balsamic Vinegar, Onion Garlic Rub, and Be The Change Coffee Rub.


500g/1lb ground beef
1 small brown onion, peeled, finely chopped
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp Pomegranate Fig Balsamic, an additional 2 tsp extra for passata
2 tsp Be the Change Coffee Rub
2 tsp Onion Garlic Rub
2 cloves garlic, crushed
4 tbsp melted butter
1 ½ cups passata (or tomato puree)
1 bread cob


Combine ground beef, onion, tomato paste, Be the Change Coffee Rub, Pomegranate Fig Balsamic and half of garlic into a bowl and mix well. Form into balls. If not sticking well, use some of the bread from cob to make bread crumbs. Place into a medium hot pan with a little butter/ghee. Cook in pan to almost cooked. Combine passata and extra Pomegranate Fig Balsamic and pour onto meatballs.

While this is cooking, slice the top off the cob, close to the top. Remove middle of cob and set aside. Melt butter and combine fresh garlic and Onion Garlic Rub. Brush on inside of cob and drizzle over the other bread. Place onto a baking tray with bread surrounding cob. Bake in moderate 180/350 degree oven until a little crisp. Remove from oven. Add meatballs and passata mix into center of cob and enjoy.

For extra bonus, add a cube of cheese to the meatballs when rolling.

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