Pantry-Fridge Fried Rice

Posted: June 3, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

Pantry-Fridge Fried Rice

Featuring Kerala Fried Rice Spice and Chili & Lime Sea Salt Flakes

Ingredients: (adjust based on what you have on hand)

6 cups cooked and cooled rice (approx 3 cups uncooked)
2 bacon rashers or slices, diced
Leftover pork, diced
2 cups frozen peas
2 mushrooms, diced
1/2 capsicum/pepper, diced
2 medium brown/yellow onions, sliced
1 can Asian stir fry vegetables
3 eggs
3 shallots, chopped
1 tbsp light soy
2 tsp fish sauce
ghee or butter
1 tbsp Kerala Fried Rice Spice
Good pinch Chili & Lime Sea Salt Flakes

Alternatives: 2-3 cups frozen vegetables, if that is what you have. Diced carrots and celery are also a great alternative. Use leftover chicken, add pineapple for a Thai feel.


Ensure rice is cooled and loose; put in fridge if you have the time.

In a wok or large pan heat 1 tbsp ghee or butter; cook on high heat onion and bacon. Remove from wok, add eggs and cook how you like. Remove from pan.

Add more ghee or butter to wok; add in whatever vegetables you are using, except shallots. Add fresh vegetables first, then frozen. Mix well until cooked. Add rice, soy, fish sauce, Kerala Fried Rice Spice and Chili & Lime Sea Salt Flakes. Combine well and constantly to prevent sticking. Add onion and bacon; stir thoroughly. Season more if needed. Toss with shallots, if using, add eggs and serve.

So I have to share, taking this as if I can only use what is in my pantry or fridge, I must admit, was a little like playing where’s Wally with extra bits and pieces. In case this is overwhelming, I’ve provided alternatives to help out and achieve the tastiest version possible.

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