Reminder: Get Your Photo Taken for Your Holiday Cards

Posted: October 13, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

This time of year I start thinking about a family photo to use for my annual holiday card. I ask myself, was there a great photo from the last year or will I arrange to have a photo taken for our card this year?

I love the annual holiday cards I both send and receive. It is fun to see how everyone’s family is growing and changing. I also love to create a fun creation in Heritage Makers every year. Heritage Makers has so much fun digital artwork. I love how I can make it exactly how I want to. Some years I put in a bit of a family newsletter and sometimes I just keep it simple with a photo and short greeting.

I keep one card for myself every year and put it in a little album. It is so fun to look back on all the years! Check out this little video I made of cards from 2009-2019. They are so fun to look back at:

So between now and Thanksgiving you can plan a location. Decide if you will use a photographer or just the timer on your phone? Think about what to wear and whether you will coordinate outfits or keep it casual. Will you include the family dog? (Keep in mind it is never easy but always worth the effort.)

I see that some of our Heritage Makers friends have already taken family photographs. Check out these to get some ideas. I love how Andrea Campbell made her family photo into a canvas!

I love how my mother-in-law always takes a photo with all her grandkids for her holiday cards and my sister-in-law doesn’t have kids at home so she takes a photo with her husband and their fur babies.

You can also do a collage of some of your favorite snapshots from the past year.

The key here is to remember the holiday season will sneak up on us fast (it always does) so plan now and you won’t regret it!

Check out Heritage Makers’ template gallery for lots of great holiday card templates. Find one that suits you and remember you can always swap out the papers, etc. to complement your photo perfectly!

I am thinking I will do this template this year. I love it as I just moved from the chilly North (Washington state) to sunny Southern Utah and I think it will fit us perfectly this year.
It’s great how Heritage Makers does the work for you—such great designs!

Here it is in the 8×4 size. Look how affordable it is to print your holiday cards with Heritage Makers too!

Now, I just have to get that family photo and I will be set! I will also plan to print my cards ASAP and I will mail them out right after Thanksgiving so that mine is the first to arrive as I have a brand new address. Check out the cute return address labels in the template gallery as well.

Good luck and may I be the first to say Happy (upcoming) Holidays!

– Candi May, Brand Champion for Heritage Makers

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