Stay Active During Holiday Gatherings

Posted: November 22, 2019 | By: Stacy Croninger

The US is getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, which starts the holiday celebration season. Many times these holidays involve big meals with family and friends and lots of time just hanging out, which is wonderful after the crazy pace we typically keep each day. But you might find that you want a little more activity on these days than just moving from the table to the couch. Here are a few activities that you can do with others or by yourself. Also, these can easily be adapted to any holiday or a Saturday of watching your favorite sporting event.

Turkey Trot

Depending on your area, you may be able to join a Turkey Trot or Fun Run or whatever they call the 5K in your area. It’s a fun way to get out first thing in the day and enjoy a walk. Often, these races benefit a local charity, so you can feel extra good about participating. A quick Internet search will show you options in your area.

Dance Party

There’s something about dancing it out with your family. Put on your favorite playlist and let your body move! Think you can’t dance? It’s okay, just let your body sway and pretty soon you’ll be do some sort of dance. If you have a game system, try one of the dance games for a more competitive and entertaining option. Make sure to keep your phone handy to capture videos to watch over and over after the day is over.

Scavenger Hunt

Whether you have kids in your house, or some attending dinner, or maybe just a kid-at-heart, scavenger hunts are a blast and a great way to get moving. Plus, they’re easy to create. Think about what is in your area – leaves, acorns, pine cones, rocks, flowers, etc. Or do a photo scavenger hunt where people take pictures on their phones as they find things on their lists. Another fun thing is a service scavenger hunt. Create a list of simple things you can do, like rake leaves, wash a window, feed a pet, sweep a floor, you get the idea. Not only are you out and about, you’re doing something nice for your neighbors.

Here are a few lists to get you started:

Game Day Workout

This one is probably my favorite, maybe because I love watching football. The great thing is, you can adapt it to any sport – soccer, international football, baseball. The idea is you come up with something to do for significant parts of the sport. This image shows one possible option for a football game (although I’d replace the burpees with pretty much anything else!).

Image found on BuzzFeed


Here’s another sport watching workout. How about adding a workout while you watch basketball? Are you seeing how fun this can be?

The Plan

Whatever you do, it doesn’t need to be fancy. You can opt for a family walk around the neighborhood or a quick game of touch football in the backyard. But decide before the day gets here what you want to do. It’s much easier if you have a plan. And above all else, make sure you’re taking your 90 for Life so you can fully enjoy the day.

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