Super Breakfast Bowl

Posted: April 14, 2020 | By: Stacy Croninger

Super Breakfast Bowl

Featuring Egyptian Cashew Dukkah or Mediterranean Almond Dukkah, Porcini Salt, Spiced Fig, Maple & Pear Balsamic Vinegar

3 cups baby spinach
3 flat mushrooms
Cluster of tomatoes
2 boiled eggs
Porcini Salt
Egyptian Cashew Dukkah or Mediterranean Almond Dukkah
2 tbsp Spiced Fig Maple & Pear Balsamic Vinegar
Youngevity Super Greens

On an oven-safe pan/tray, place mushrooms with a little butter or ghee in the cap of each; add a pinch of Porcini Salt. Add tomato cluster to tray and place tray under griller or in oven and cook until tomatoes split.

Boil eggs to your level of doneness. Peel, and dip gently into water, then roll in Dukkah of your choice; set aside.

Mix Spiced Fig Maple & Pear Balsamic Vinegar with 1 scoop of Super Greens.

Add a little butter to a pan and flash cook the spinach. Note: leave some spinach out and toss just in the residual heat to give a different texture. Once cooked add the balsamic mixture.

Build your bowl and enjoy.

This breakfast bowl truly is a taste sensation. We know how great eggs are, so if you are wanting more than a fruit breakfast bowl, be sure to give this a try.

For those following a Keto diet, if you want more healthy fats, add some slices of avocado.

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