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Posted: September 15, 2016 | By: Youngevity

I remember when I was little seeing an ad on TV for books that you could customize for your child with his or her name and thinking that was so cool. With Heritage Makers you can take that one step further and include photos of your child or photos of whatever story you are telling. There are so many stories to tell. Have you told your story?


The Wild About You 6×6 Board Book by Cassie Balser (template141077) is one of my favorites. I love the cute animals, but I also love the story this book tells about how much a mother loves her child. And it fulfills that desire I had as a child to have a book about me with my very own pictures! You could easily change this to be from a grandparent or babysitter or aunt. Really, anyone that loves a child.


Along the same lines as the first book, this A Story for a Princess – Child 8×8 Storybook by Brittany Hutchings (template140753) is another fun way to tell a child’s story. Plus, there’s a bride version for telling a sweet love story.


Not all stories are about children. Adults love reading about themselves and their loved ones. The Remembering Him Photo Tribute 13×11 Legacy Storybook by Roxanne Buchholz (template 133403) is a beautiful way to capture a person’s life. It includes plenty of room for photos from childhood to adult. And I love that there is room for messages and notes from loved ones.


Finally, creating a story with input from lots of people gives a different perspective and makes for a fun read. The Thankful and Blessed Square Flip Book by Roxanne Buchholz (template 135980) is an easy way to capture what family members are grateful for, especially during the holiday season. Provide pieces of paper for everyone to right on and then type it in the storybook or scan their handwritten notes and include them. You’ll love reviewing these lists year after year.

With storybooks on sale this month, it’s the perfect time to tell a story. Whether it is your story, your child’s, a loved one, or someone who has passed away, no time is better than now to record those memories.

Have fun creating!

– StacyC


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