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Posted: March 13, 2018 | By: Lisa E

Our son Jacob and his wife Gina have two biological sons and a few years ago they adopted a brother and sister, Gabriel and Sofia, who had spent their entire lives in a Brazilian orphanage. Months were spent on paperwork and court visits but at last, their final adoption from the Brazil government occurred in March 2017. This page in our album has photos with the Brazilian judge who approved Gabriel and Sofia’s final adoption.

Like all adoptions, Gabriel and Sofia’s journey is filled with heart-moving details about why they were in an orphanage, how they met their forever family, how their lives have changed and so much more. Every detail is interesting and seems to grow more fascinating with time.

Most of us know someone who has adopted a child or might be adopted themselves. Helping to tell their story is a meaningful and fun quest and I would love to equip you with some ideas for creating an adoption album. Here are a few questions that will provide a great foundation to help tell the story.

1) Where did I come from? Different city? Different state? Different country?

2) What was my birth family like?

3) Why did you decide to adopt?

4) Why did you pick me? How did you know I was the one?

5) How did you find me? What agency did you work with?

6) What did you do while you waited?

7) What was it like when we met? Were you excited to get the news? Did you have to travel? What did you think the first time you saw me?

8) How did you pick my name? What does it mean? Did I have a different name before?

9) What was it like for us all getting used to each other? How did I like my new home? What did I do that you weren’t prepared for?

10) Did I warm up to my new family right away or did I make you work for it?

I used these questions to create albums for my own adopted daughters and I truly hope they help you as well with your album projects!

-Rhonda Anderson, Ambassador for Our Memories for Life

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