Improve Bone & Joint Health Through Movement

Posted: March 16, 2018 | By: Rocio Ramos

Your Bone & Joint Health is Suffering

Move more, sit less. Yes, it’s that simple. If only we could put that statement into action, there could be a lot less people suffering from bone & joint pain. Unfortunately, there are countless of individuals across the world who have jobs that require them to sit for many hours, so moving more and sitting less may sound almost impossible. However, no one is actually being tied down to a chair; if you are, then you may have bigger problems. Therefore, by simply getting up from your seats every 30 minutes and doing a quick stretch, you will already be benefiting your body greatly.  Movement, from walking to stretching to strength training, helps to keep bones strong, energy levels up, is great for you cardiovascular system and fundamental to living a long, healthy life.

Many of you may have already heard Better Health Now Coach, Sanjeev Javia, talk about the importance of movement at every age. He’s even demonstrated one of the most essential movements he recommends for optimal health; getting up from the floor using every part of your body and proper form. What’s difficult is that many individuals who are moving less are doing so because they’re experiencing pain from movement; from arthritis, low back pain, osteoporosis or pain of other bone & joint-related ailment. However, not moving will only make it worse.

There are several movements that you could do if you’re suffering from bone and joint-related illnesses. For example:

  • For those suffering from osteoarthritis, engage in soothing exercises such as swimming, stretching, cycling and walking; avoiding exercises that place stress on the joints like running or other pounding workouts.
  • For those with low back pain, make sure you’re doing a lot of stretching to help improve flexibility and function. Once pain has lessened, engaging in low impact exercises such as swimming, walking and light weight strength training can help strengthen the back.
  • For those affected by Osteoporosis, increasing bone density is vital. This means weight bearing exercise such as hiking, stair climbing and strength training exercises are the best.

But it all starts with simply getting up, off your chair.  Start by setting a 30-min alarm for your 8 hour work day. Every 30 minutes, get up and stretch, and if you have time, walk around and then go back to your daily tasks. This will be especially beneficial to individuals with tight hips. Of equal importance is making sure you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs for strong, healthy bones. Youngevity’s Beyond Osteo-fx™ delivers the essential nutrients for foundational bone & joint health. For additional joint care, try Youngevity’s newest ProLine product, ProJoint FX™. This incredible formula delivers synergizing nutrients that work together to nourish the entire joint structure and promote comfort, flexibility, and mobility.

Remember to stay mobile and stay flexible!

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