The Magic of Storybooks

Posted: November 3, 2016 | By: Youngevity

As the year comes to an all-too-quick close, I start to look back at all the memories made through the year. With the holidays approaching, I love the opportunity to take my memories and put them into a Storybook to share with my family and friends. It’s been said that “a picture says a thousand words,” but a book full of pictures shares an entire experience and memories!

Last Christmas, my sister and I put together a book for our grandparents, full of photos and memories from over the summer. Our whole family had visited them over a period of a couple of weeks. I will never forget the faces and tears of my grandparents as they opened the book on Christmas morning. Even though it was through a video call, their emotions and faces were priceless. They cherish the book filled with the sweet faces of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Each page of the Storybook brings them right back to those days when their house was not so quiet and was filled with giggles, toys, cries, late night talks, and kids’ TV shows.


Yes, an entire Storybook may seem like somewhat of a daunting task, however, the templates are THE best way to customize your own and not have to rack your design brain. No matter the memories made through the year, there are so many wonderful templates to make those photos come to life and archive your priceless experiences.

Some of my favorites are the Disney-inspired templates, all so cleverly put together. The Magical Vacation, Bright Template (#111257) by Michelle Bell is an adorable layout to use for any Mickey Mouse adventure.



The 6×6 Board Books are also a product that I love to create. Halloween Night (#142243) by Cassie Baiser is the perfect template to personalize and preserve your October adventures. Whether you gather photos from over the years of the family’s costumes, or fill it with all of your October festivities from this year, these are wonderful books to share, especially with young children. Each page is worthy of a normal kid’s “wear-and-tear” use, and allows kids to re-live their spooky and fun Halloween memories.

Adventures Time (#136142) by Roxanne Buchholz is one of my recent favorite templates. It is THE perfect template for outdoor adventures and memories. Each embellishment is perfectly positioned and the colors and patterns in this theme are classic and also trendy with simple lines and cute hash tag logos.


Something that I LOVE about Heritage Makers and our templates is that even when you love a layout but may not find a need for the certain theme or color, they can be customized and updated. This is the template that I used for the book we gave to my grandparents last Christmas. We had some outdoor adventures, so I kept a select group of embellishments. Then, I was able to use different embellishments from the Art Collection to match our own summer adventures. I even changed out the accent colors and lightened the background pages with a fill color to coordinate with our own memories. Don’t forget to document some of the stories with text boxes…details are easily forgotten! For my grandparents, we wrote down some of the hilarious quotes and stories of the weeks together. The text boxes, along with the photos and beautiful embellishments, bring to life those precious times together.

Heritage Makers Storybooks are not only amazing gifts for family and friends, but are amazing history and memory keeping items to cherish. Whether you gather your memories of 2016 to create a yearbook, organize adventures into separate books, or do a little of both, Storybooks are a way to truly capture all of the moments and escapades, whether successful, or not so successful, of 2016 (or even years past!). It’s never too late to capture the memories!

-Lisa E

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