This year you will say: “I’m all caught up!”

Posted: January 15, 2019 | By: Lisa E

Happy New Year!

First, I would like to say that I was able to complete my family album so easily this year because of two reasons:

1. I used a very easy template. I recommend the 12 x 12 storybook template you will find in our Heritage Makers gallery called: Twenty Seventeen (145730).










2. I hosted, therefore I attended, monthly online virtual “crops” where a group of us get on our home computers, click a link at the designated time and for a few hours work on our Heritage Makers projects. I use that time to upload my photos for that month, pop them into the template, all the while visiting with and being inspired by fellow memory keepers. Some people work on Snap2Finish, some work on paper/tactile scrapbooking. It really doesn’t matter what form of YGY Photo memory-keeping you choose because by dedicating TIME to get something done something wonderful happens: you actually get something done! In my case I can proudly say I completed my 2018 family album as well as holiday/birthday gifts, cards, and I’m on track to complete other albums I am making such as mission, graduation, daughter, and grandfather’s life story.

If you would like to join my monthly online crops here is the schedule:

Every 2nd Wednesday at 10am – noon PST, Every 4th Friday at 7pm – 11pm PST.

Click link at the time of the crop, according to your time zone. Topic: Candi’s Virtual Crop

Join Zoom Meeting:

If you attend regularly you will get to know a lot of wonderful women. For example, I never knew Jacque from Las Vegas and after a few months of attending we have become dear friends. In our technology world I feel like we are getting together face to face less frequently. This is a great way to have the convenience of being in your own home and yet interact face to face, be able to ask questions and see what others are doing. I get so inspired by the other women’s projects. Here is a video of us on the crop so you can sort of see what it is like. In this video Kirsten is sharing a book she made.

People work on their projects as they listen to the comments and sharing. Note, you can choose to show your face or not. You can talk or mute yourself. It is totally up to you. It is just such a fun way to connect. Just ask Joyce, one of our Heritage Maker friends, who joins the crops even if she’s traveling in her car, just to connect and say hi to all of us!

Also, with the free shipping for US orders over $100 that is still available, my album ended up costing only $50!! What a deal for a year’s worth of memories! All the artwork and templates are FREE if you are part of Photo Club and if you aren’t, there are still plenty available, which makes it is so fun and rewarding.

If that’s not enough, YGY Photo is giving an even better deal: 15% off select book sizes through Feb 28th.











Furthermore, I wanted to share that I have been doing digital family year books from the time my eldest son was 4-years-old. He just turned 20! I have 16 years of family albums and here is how much space it takes on a shelf:










I have access to all our memories and photos and we often reach for the books to look at and laugh over as a family. I can’t imagine how it will feel to open these books when my children are grown and gone. A friend once said something that sticks in my mind when I create these books. She said, “I make Heritage Makers books to prove to my kids I was a good mom!” Children often forget their birthday party or a fun family outing, especially when they are small.

All that time and effort you invest as a parent can be captured and preserved in a digital family album to show them what a wonderful childhood you gave them!










Finally, one amazing reason Heritage Makers “storybooking” is wonderful is because if anything should happen and a book is damaged, lost, or destroyed you can go into your account and order a new copy! This happened to my next-door neighbor. They had a terrible house fire and she told me later that the one thing she did NOT worry about were her Heritage Makers albums. She knew she could reprint those! Her precious scrapbooked albums were however water and smoke damaged, but thankfully survived the fire.













If you wish to start a family yearbook for the first time or if you just want to re-commit to creating these wonderful treasures I offer two tips:

  1. Start with THIS year (and then go back to other years if you wish).
  2. Don’t be a perfectionist! (Come get inspired by my NON-PERFECTIONISTIC attitude on the virtual crops.) My motto is “done is better than perfect”!

Happy 2019 my friends!

-Candi May, Ambassador for Heritage Makers

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