Tips for how to ‘Get it Done’

Posted: November 16, 2018 | By: Lisa E

The Get it Done program is gaining momentum and as more people are working with their pictures a few questions have emerged. One question is regarding the preservation of paper documents in both a traditional or digital album. Here are some doable methods for handling important paper documents, i.e. certificates, newspaper articles and children’s memorabilia.

1) Take a photo of the paper document using a camera or phone. Turn off the flash and place the document in natural sunlight for best results. The photo can now be uploaded to Snap2Finish for use in a digital album and the photo serves as a back-up of the document you could permanently display in a traditional album. Note: Be sure to remove any paperclips, self-adhesive scotch tape, staples or rubber bands before taking your photo.










2) You may also photocopy your paper document onto acid-free paper. I have simply cut the OMFL 12 x 12 cardstock to 8 ½ x 11 so the paper would fit in my printer. I then made a copy of my important document and used that copy in my photo album instead of the original.

3) For creating a traditional album, the OMFL Top Loading Sleeves (USOM100005) work perfectly to preserve documents. Simply drop the document into the sleeve and you are done. If the document size does not perfectly fit the 12 x 12 sleeve you can mount the document on OMFL acid-free cardstock using our archival quality photo corners.
Note: If you want to take an additional step to reduce the deterioration of the paper document, one option is to treat your paper documents with a preservation spray called Wei T’o which can be purchased on the internet.

4) Children’s art work, school programs, sports memorabilia, etc can also be used in a digital or traditional album using the above recommendations.










In our photo examples, you will see that certificates, pictures and decorative elements such as borders can be mounted on cardstock and dropped into top loading sleeves.

You can also mount certificates or other memorabilia directly on a traditional album page using photo corners and then covering the page with a page protector. You can see this example in the photo with the newspaper article.

Lastly, remember any item that you want to save can be photographed and added to a digital photo book! Our final picture is a digital page with photographed/scanned cards.










Have fun and remember everyone here at Youngevity photo is ready to help you in any way!

– Rhonda Anderson, Ambassador for Our Memories for Life

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