Christmastime with YGY Photo

Posted: November 21, 2018 | By: Lisa E

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year at YGY Photo!

Do we have talented little elves at Heritage Makers making us wonderful new artwork and templates for this holiday season? I think we do! It is so wonderful!! Here are a few of my favorite templates for cards and calendars and mugs. Also check out the video of all the new art in Heritage Makers to get you inspired to create your own design from scratch if you wish.












It is so fun to be able to have the ability with Heritage Makers to make my card exactly how I want. I took this template and modified it to include my son who is serving a church mission far from home:

My holiday card with a few changes. So easy! We have the most digital art so it was easy to find an image of Florida and a sand snowman for my card!

My favorite gifts to make for loved ones are:

  • Holiday card (I do about 80 so I mail some but also have some to hand out)






  • Mugs!













  • Canvases (it’s fun to do canvases of holiday memories of when we were children and give to parents or siblings!)
  • Creative address labels to attach to neighbor gifts or for friends










  • Ornaments for the tree (each year I do one for each child to show something they did that year)

Also, don’t forget we have wonderful holiday elves giving us free shipping on US orders over $100 or 100 publishing points until Dec 31st! Otherwise it looks good. Is this for next week? What a wonderful time of year for YGY Photo! Let all your clients know by sending them a message with our FREE new YoungevityGo2 App.


– Candi May
Ambassador for Heritage Makers

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