Your Year in a Snap

Posted: September 15, 2017 | By: Stacy Croninger

You’ve probably talked to more than one person that has photos on their phone, computer, in the cloud, and possibly in a box under the bed. And their comment about those photos is either they don’t have time to do something with them or don’t know where to begin. We’ve all been there!

Let me introduce you to Year in a Snap. This program uses a variety of products that include both digital and hands-on to help you and your customers get their photos into albums and photo books quickly and easily. And there are multiple options to accommodate the look, amount of time, or skills used.

We also know that for most, staying on track to reach a goal is easier with accountability. The Year in a Snap program is designed for distributors to gather friends and customers once a month to work on their photos. And not all your photos at once, just a month or two at a time.

Plus, we have kits for hands-on albums and templates for digital photo books to make the process simple and quick. With a group of people, you’ll be chatting and creating and the time will fly! You’ll have your photos in books in no time.

Distributor Resources

To help you get your group going, we’ve built a resource page that will tell you all about Year in a Snap and help you spread the word. Plus, there’s a contest that tracks participation with prizes awarded on November 15. For the contest, here’s the points that you can accumulate:

  • 10 points for each page completed
  • 1 point for each dollar spent at a gathering or event
  • 25 points for each friend you bring that was not originally invited

The contest page is part of the Year in a Snap Resource page and includes a form to submit your points as well as track the numbers everyone has won. The prizes will be great, so make sure you submit your points between now and November 15th.

Okay, that should be everything you need to know. Grab your photos, find a few friends, and make sure you read all about Year in a Snap!

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