2017 Lidera El Cambio Convention in Mexico Recap


On October 27 – 28 Youngevity Mexico celebrated the Lidera el Cambio Convention in Guadalajara, Mexico. An incredible event that gathered the inspiring Dr. Wallach, corporate members and top sponsors from YGYi and leaders and associates from all over Mexico to teach, learn, get recognized, and to celebrate the road that has been built for Youngevity Mexico in the past few years.

Some highlights included:

  • Training with Dr. Wallach – Dr. Wallach lectured about the 90 Essential Nutrients for new distributors  and spoke about Epigenetics for advanced leaders.
  • New products launching – Corporate members announced the new products now available in Mexico; Sweet EZE & Gluco-Gel, as well as the ones coming soon; REV, CardioBeets, Banana FitShake, Super Greens, and True2Life 30 Day Detox.
  • Lectures from YGYi Corporate Members and Field Leaders  – Steve & Michelle Wallach, Dave Briskie, Sanjeev Javia, Sean & Annelise Brown, Dr. Luis & Evelia Arriaza, Scott & Juliette Fardulis shared their expertise; the company, 90 For Life, the Youngevity Be The Change Foundation, international expansion, Social Selling, leadership, new products, and so much more.
  • Recognition & Special Awards – One of the most important events at Convention, Youngevity acknowledged the hard work of the leaders and associates in Mexico. Special recognition was shown for the individuals doing an outstanding job promoting the company and products, teaching others, and building the business.
  • Youngevity Mexico’s Pioneers – The leaders that came to Mexico first shared their story of building their business with Youngevity and working incredibly hard to get YGYMX going.
  • Glamour & Beauty Festival – A special event within Convention that was dedicated for the product lines specially intended for women; Mineral Makeup, Mialisia Jewelry, Essential Oils and Spa.
  • Health & Business Testimonies – How do you build your business with Youngevity and succeed? What are the benefits of consuming Youngevity products? Associates that have had great experiences shared their answers to these questions.
  • Special Book Signing – Dr. Wallach’s book Dead Doctors Don’t Lie was sold at the Youngevity Store and Dr. Wallach offered an exclusive book signing opportunity for all attendees. Everyone was incredibly excited to get the chance to meet Dr. Wallach and get his autograph.
  • Product Exhibit “You Want It, Youngevity Has It” –  An exhibit that presented all the product lines Youngevity offers in Mexico.
  • Waking Up Workout – On Saturday morning the weekend started with an exciting workout, dancing and sweat!
  • YGY’s Got Talent! – A talent contest where attendees got to demonstrate some of their artistic abilities! The talent in Youngevity Mexico was amazing!
  • Farewell Cocktail –   A closing celebration was held with dancing, laughter, and excitement for the continued growth of Youngevity Mexico.

Than you to everyone who attended – we hope to see you all next year! For more photos, check out photos.youngevity.com later this week to view all the excitement from the event!