Monthly Kickoff

February 1st Monthly Kickoff Call

Tonight’s call started off with President Dave Briskie reporting from Youngevity’s coffee plantation in Nicaragua and reminds of our RAK Days which are always on the 1st of month! Then Alex Theis, announced a lot of


Special October Monthly Kickoff/Healthy Body Challenge Call

Alex Theis starts off with some inspirational and encouraging words about life and compassion and sends love to Las Vegas, NV. He also would like to give kudos to Tom Chenault, Sean Brown and Colleen Walters

Monthly Call

September 1st Monthly Kickoff Call with Alex Theis

Great call this evening!  Alex Theis kicked off the September Monthly Kickoff Call by congratulating Scott Fardulis and Tom Cheanult for an amazing event in Longmont, CO. Steve Wallach jumps on and shares his excitement over