Special October Monthly Kickoff/Healthy Body Challenge Call

Alex Theis starts off with some inspirational and encouraging words about life and compassion and sends love to Las Vegas, NV. He also would like to give kudos to Tom Chenault, Sean Brown and Colleen Walters for their events in New Zealand and Australia! Shout out to rank advancers Brian & Jill Roach who came in with Sorvana and are now 4 Star Executives!

Then, CEO, Steve Wallach, jumps on the call and everyone who participated in Team Challenge!  He shares great new resources like the 65 and a Wake Up to help distributors with accountability and momentum. He also wants to make sure everyone gets their tickets

Later, Sanjeev Javia and Scott Fardulis jump on and share details about the REV90 Challenge!

To listen to the entire call, download here.

Ask Jeevers

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Team Challenge

  • Promotion period is over and thanks to everyone who participated.
  • Official results will be posted soon!
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The REV90 Challenge:

Born from the vision of Scott & Juliette Fardulis and Sanjeev Javia, this challenge was created to transform your health from the inside out. The REV90 Challenge Facebook Group has over 700 participants who want to post and receive support for their health transformations in a safe environment. Listen to this week’s combined Monthly Kickoff call and the Healthy Body Challenge call  for all the details on how you can join the REV90 Challenge now!