Soaring into 2020 with our New Year’s Kick Off Call

Posted: January 3, 2020 | By: Rocio Ramos


New Decade, New style. we’re kicking off 2020 with some upgrades

For many years our New Year’s Kick Off Call has filled our community with excitement about the upcoming year. We love sharing what’s to come and getting everyone motivated to reach new goals. This year, we decided to do things a little different and create a unique visual experience for our community.

A New Way to Kick Off 2020

Just a few years ago we were jumping on a conference call number, trying to get on the line to hear exciting news. Now, we have access to videography and technology that help us create a unique way to share and community with our Youngevity family. So this year we gathered our team from around the country and created an entertaining video to kick off 2020!  Check out every new program, promotion, and more coming to you this year.


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