Posted: October 21, 2021 | By: Rocio Ramos

The holiday season is always an excuse for many to fall off their diet. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy holiday celebrations while not having to sacrifice your goals. By following these holiday tips you will be able to stay on your healthy lifestyle path and have a great holiday season!

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Most people want to save their appetite for a big holiday meal, but by doing so, you’re more likely to make poor food choices. The hungrier you are, you’ll be more inclined to put stuff on your plate you’d normally be able to say no to. Eating a nice balanced breakfast will keep your metabolism going throughout the day. Keep it simple with just a couple eggs and fruits and veggies.

Load up on Protein at Meals

Adding more turkey and chicken on your plate is the best way to minimize having too many unhealthy carbs and fat. Turkey meat is already lean but try to go for the turkey breast which would be the leanest. So load up on turkey breast and try small portions of side dishes that tend to be high in fat and carbs.

Skip Sweet Holiday Drinks

As much as everyone loves a cool cup of eggnog, it’s one of several drinks that are high in calories. Many holiday drinks are made with dairy and sugar which can be a bad combo for all diets. Look for healthier options like Youngevity’s Beyond Hot Chocolate to help you stay on track.

Walk After Long Meals

The best way to help your metabolism digest all the food you’ve just consumed is to move. Many people will go into food coma after a large meal so to avoid that, take a stroll around the block. And there are Not only are you burning a few calories while walking, but there are so many health benefits of walking.

Don’t eat a Big Meal Close to Bedtime

Your body needs time to properly digest foods. In order to avoid any sleep disturbances, experts say you should eat your last meal 2-3hrs before you plan on going to bed. Research has found that eating close to bed time may lead to digestive problems and may even cause nightmares.

If you need extra support during the holidays be sure to follow the Better Health Challenge on Facebook. They have a community of motivated individuals who are all on their own health journey. You can learn more about the Better Health Challenge and ygybetterhealth.com.

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