Better Health Challenge Round 3 Semi-finalists Announced!

Posted: November 5, 2018 | By: Craig Zahn

Better Health Challenge Round 3 Semi-finalists Announced!
We’re happy to announce our Round 3 Better Health Challenge Semi-finalists. The achievers we’ve selected will be eligible for our $5,000 Grand Prize in 2019’s Better Health Challenge – which includes some other great perks!
Changing your health is a monumental achievement. It takes determination and energy. But it’s so worth it. Whether your path is straightforward and successful right away or a little more meandering, it doesn’t matter. The point is that each day you’re doing something to improve your health in a holistic way. So congratulations to everyone who’s been working so hard to achieve better health for themselves—you’re all superstars!
Our first semi-finalist is Erika Sylliaasen! Erika is a perfect example of someone who has taken that more meandering path, but she keeps persevering, which is something we can all relate to and admire. So far, Erika has lost nearly 20 pounds during Round 3, and 22.75 inches! That’s fabulous! She reported that her blood sugars and cholesterol are improving, and her approach is definitely working for her. She says she still has more weight to lose, and we’re certain that she’ll meet her goal. The other thing that Erika shared that we found so powerful, was learning to let guilt go, and move on when you make a mistake. As she says: LET IT GO. Congratulations Erika!
Our next semi-finalists is Christina Forster! Christina got off to a fast start by losing 12 pounds in her first week, and over the course of round 3, has lost over 50 pounds—simply amazing! She shared with us that the Challenge, the products, and the people are changing her life! She was inspired by her sister and brother in law, Brenda and Randy Peterson, who both had successful weight loss journeys on this challenge. Christina is pumped about her progress, and is more motivated than ever to meet her next goal of losing another 32 pounds by February.
These two amazing women are going to receive an I WILL shirt and hat, plus a $300 product credit! They’ll also be in contention for our $5,000 grand prize at Convention 2019!
Are YOU our next semi-finalist? You can’t win if you don’t join the challenge, so go to our Better Health Challenge website and register and encourage your Customers and downline to do the same! We’re in the middle of our final round for 2018, which will end on December 31.

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